University of California, San Diego

April 15, 1993
SUBJECT: Report by the Chancellor's Special Task Force on
Affirmative Action
The Chancellor appointed a Special Task Force on Affirmative
Action in December of 1992 to address issues related to
charges of racial discrimination at UCSD. This Task Force
was composed of several staff and faculty at UCSD who
contributed significantly to an assessment of UCSD's
policies, programs, and activities regarding the pursuit of
fairness, equity, and diversity in the work place. The Task
Force also assessed the effectiveness of existing policies
in recruitment, advancement and retention of ethnic persons
of color in the work force. For a period of three months,
the Task Force conducted meetings to accomplish its charge,
as follows:
- To review UCSD's policies, procedures, programs, and
activities regarding the hiring and promotion of ethnic
- To investigate the effectiveness of affirmative action
policies in recruitment and hiring, retention and
advancement of staff through data analysis and interviews;
- To identify key issues of concern to UCSD staff that
require attention and action; and,
- To present a final report with findings and recommendation
for improving affirmative action programs at UCSD.
The Report was submitted to the Chancellor this week and is
available at the Main Reference desks at the Central
University Library, the Biomedical Library, the Medical
Center Library and the SIO Library.
Should you want further clarification of the Report or wish
to obtain additional information, Task Force members will
be available to discuss the Report. You may also contact
me for information on the recommendations or their
development at Ext. 43694 and I will be happy to assist
Delia H. Talamantez
Staff Affirmative Action