Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego

May 3, 1993
Subject: Access to IFIS Data
The Administrative Computing Policy Committee has recommended that
certain security restrictions on campus financial data be removed
from three screens on IFIS. These screens are:
DETLACTY Detail Transaction Activity
ENCACTY Detail Encumbrance Activity
ORGBUDGE Organization Budget Status
The security restriction which would be removed is the "Organization"
restriction. This means that an authorized individual will not be
restricted to viewing only his/her Operating Ledger or Encumbrance
Ledger transactions. The following security restrictions would still
(1) Anyone accessing the screens must have an AdCom account and
must have signed the AdCom Security Statement.
(2) All requests for AdCom computer accounts must be endorsed
by the Departmental Security Administrator.
(3) The three screens allow only viewing of the information.
Information cannot be changed or deleted from these
Removing the "Organization" restriction on the screens will reduce
the administrative overhead incurred in making these screens
available to the campus community.
The Administrative Computing Policy Committee is asking for campus
input on this change. Anyone who has any questions or concerns,
should forward them to the Chair, Don Anderson, Mail Code 0352,
E-mail danderson@UCSD, Don Larson, Assistant Vice
Chancellor-Financial Services, Mail Code 0951, E-mail dlarson@UCSD,
or Mary Vlassis, Assistant Director-AdCom Services, E-mail
mvlassis@UCSD, Mail Code 0928. Please forward your comments by June
1, 1993.
Dr. Donald W. Anderson, Chairman
Administrative Computing Policy Committee