University of California, San Diego

June 8, 1993
SUBJECT: Proposed Establishment of Administrative
Specialist Title
The University is proposing the establishment of a new title,
Administrative Specialist, in order to recognize and
appropriately classify positions that have responsibilities that
are greater than those of the Administrative Assistant III level,
but less than those of Administrative Analyst/MSO I.
If approved, the new title would be placed in the Administrative
and Professional Program at Grade 1 throughout the UC system
effective August 1, 1993. The Administrative Specialist is
proposed for designation as a non-exempt classification and
therefore, eligible for premium overtime.
The proposed class specification is presented in a revised format
that will be used for A&PS series revisions in the future. This
new abbreviated format includes an outline of the occupational
field and identification of the benchmark level responsibilities
which will be used for salary survey purposes. The proposed
class description is as follows:
Administrative Specialist
Class Description
This class is intended for positions which are assigned
administrative responsibilities within a department, board
of study, school or college. Incumbents perform and/or
supervise a wide variety of duties which may include program
administration, organizational analysis, special projects,
budgets, contracts, facilities, systems, and personnel.
Incumbents typically perform work that requires
interpretation of policy; participates in short- and long-
range planning and policy or program development; and
provide recommendations based on significant knowledge of
the organization's professional objectives and activities.
A&PS Benchmark Description
The benchmark class is Administrative Specialist.
Incumbents typically perform a variety of professional and
administrative duties in support of the day-to-day
operations of a function, program and/or department; assist
in program planning and development; interpret, monitor and
analyze information regarding operating policies and
procedures; administer budgets; and coordinate academic
and/or staff personnel matters. Incumbents resolve problems
which have a significant impact on the overall goals of the
There would be no immediate impact to existing employees as a
result of creating this new classification. Rather, the
classification would be phased in as appropriate when revised job
descriptions are submitted to the Personnel Department.
You are requested to route a copy of this notice to interested
employees in your unit. Questions or comments regarding this
proposal may be addressed to Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager
at extension 40986, or via e-mail by Monday, June 28, 1993.
Quelda M. Wilson
Assistant Vice Chancellor