University of California, San Diego

June 24, 1993
I have given considerable thought to UCSD's administrative
organization since the departure of Wayne Kennedy to assume the
position of Senior Vice President-Business and Finance in the
Office of the President. Wayne's departure is a major loss to
the campus, but given the University's financial situation, it
presents a special opportunity to reduce operating expenses.
After consulting with a number of individuals and advisory
groups, I have decided to disestablish the position of Vice
Chancellor-Administration and reassign units in that area. This
restructuring will streamline the organization and yield
substantial cost savings.
It is well documented that UCSD has the leanest administrative
organization in the UC System. Further reductions in the
administration concern me but, all things considered, it is the
appropriate decision at this time. Effective July 1, 1993:
 University Relations, which now reports to the Vice
Chancellor-Administration, will report directly to the
Chancellor. This will enhance the effectiveness of UCSD's
development; communication; special events; and alumni,
governmental, and community relations activities. In accord
with this direct reporting relationship, the position of
Associate Vice Chancellor-University Relations will be
redesignated Vice Chancellor-Development and University
 Administrative Computing which now reports to the Vice
Chancellor-Administration, will be transferred to the Vice
Chancellor-Business Affairs. Closer liaison between
computing and telecommunications should enhance these
 The remainder of the activities that heretofore reported to
the Vice Chancellor-Administration will be reassigned to
Resource Management. The position of Associate Vice
Chancellor-Resource Management will report directly to the
Chancellor and be redesignated Vice Chancellor-Resource
Management and Planning.
 The facility leasing function, which now reports to the Vice
Chancellor-Business Affairs, will be transferred to Resource
Management in the Fall. Cost efficiencies will be gained by
combining all leasing functions within the Real Estate
Development Office.
Redesignation of the titles for Resource Management and for
University Relations will ensure that these positions are viewed
as comparable to similar positions at other UC campuses. Such
comparability is required if the individuals in these positions
are to effectively represent UCSD in the various system-wide
councils of the University.
This new organization will yield substantial cost savings and
will maintain UCSD's momentum as we face new challenges in the
years ahead.
Richard C. Atkinson