University of California, San Diego

September 22, 1993
SUBJECT: Appointment of ISIS Enhancement Committee
Now that ISIS is operational and we are no longer dependent upon an outside
vendor, Vice Chancellor Watson and AdCom Director Talamantez have established
an ISIS Enhancement Committee to consider essential modifications and enhance-
ments to the system.
The Committee is charged with the responsibility of assimilating all of the
proposed and requested enhancements to the ISIS modules, including access
thereto, and determining a comprehensive set of priorities so that limited
development resources may be used in the most efficient and productive manner.
Committee members are as follows:
Student Affairs
Sal Hickok, Registrar and Admissions (Chair) 40081 shickok@UCSD
Myra Webb, Registrar and Admissions 40071 mwebb@UCSD
Vicki Valle, SOAR 44831 vvalle@UCSD
Ann Klein, Student Financial Services 43898 aklein@UCSD
Academic Affairs
John Ratcliffe, Engineering 45401 jratcliffe@UCSD
Caron Coke, Visual Arts 42252 ccoke@UCSD
Nancy Groves, Revelle 41572 agroves@UCSD
Marilee Walker, OGSR 42255 mwalker@UCSD
Jodi Stevenson, Summer Session 44364 jmstevenson@UCSD
Karen Roberts, UNEX 44377 kmroberts@UCSD
Business Affairs
Howard Fisher, Bursar 44862 hfisher@UCSD
Pat Shoemaker, Housing 41114 pshoemaker@UCSD
Ken Billmeier, Accounting 44995 kbillmeier@UCSD
Health Sciences
Deborah Anderson, SOM, Student Affairs 41394 dkanderson@UCSD
Administrative Computing
Denny Mellien, Assistant Director, Systems 46906 dmellien@UCSD
Mary Vlassis, Assistant Director, Services 43396 mvlassis@UCSD
Please feel free to contact any of the Committee members by E-mail or tele-
phone, if you have questions or suggestions about the enhancement process.
Sal Hickok, Chair
Acting Registrar and Admissions Officer