University of California, San Diego

October 11, 1993
SUBJECT: UCSD/Citicorp Diners Club Corporate Card Program
In consideration of budgetary constraints and our goal to improve the quality of service, I am pleased to announce the UCSD/Citicorp Diners Club Corporate Card Program (Diners Program). This program will provide UCSD travelers with a corporate credit card that can be used for obtaining travel cash advances as well as for paying for most other travel and hosted expenditures.
The Diners Program was selected because it will provide university faculty and staff travelers with enhanced service and provides an excellent opportunity to lessen the burden on diminishing resources. Highlights of the program include: - Worldwide acceptance at more than 2.3 million restaurants,
hotel/motels, car rental agencies and major airlines.
- Club Cash Program which provides access to more than 100,000 ATM's worldwide allowing immediate access to cash* which will be billed to your statement at a later date eliminating both out of pocket expenses and the need to obtain cash advances via UCSD check. The flat $6 transaction fee** for obtaining cash should be included on the travel expense voucher as a miscellaneous expense.
* Standard withdrawal limits are a maximum of $250 per 24
hour period with a maximum of $500 during any 7 day period. Limits can be adjusted on an individual card member basis by communicating this need to the Travel Office as noted below. ** This is much less than it currently costs the
University to issue a travel advance check.
- Primary full value collision damage insurance. When using the Diners Card to rent a car, you will obtain automatic coverage against collision, loss, damage, fire, vandalism, and theft to your rental car at no extra charge. All you need do is to decline the collision damage waiver (CDW) offered by the rental agency.
- In the near future, an automated electronic funds transfer
service will be implemented. Instead of issuing reimbursement checks to card members for travel expenses incurred on the Diners Card, payment will be credited directly to your account by the Travel Office. Effective December 1, 1993, travel cash advances should be acquired via the Diners Card. If you are presently a member of any other UCSD corporate card program, you will be notified personally and advised of your options. If you would like to automatically terminate your present corporate card, please contact the Travel Office.
An informational packet which includes enrollment procedures is being mailed to all UCSD employees who have traveled on business within the past two years. Additional packets can be obtained by contacting the Travel Office either at telephone extension 42488 or the electronic mail box TRAVEL@UCSD.
Donald A. Larson
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Business and Financial Services