University of California, San Diego

October 15, 1993
SUBJECT: Accommodation of Students with Disabilities
The Committee on Educational Policy is developing a policy to
address issues concerning the accommodation of students with
disabilities. This interim notice is being sent in the hope of
preventing problems that might arise from a misunderstanding of
the students' right to accommodation or of how to provide the
accommodation required.
Students enrolled in your classes who have certified disabilities
requiring special accommodation should make this need known to
you. This would be done by presenting you with a form from the
Office for Students with Disabilities verifying that the student
required accommodation and specifying the accommodation needed.
If the accommodation is, for example, extra time and a quiet
location to take exams and you are unable to provide the required
space, please seek the assistance of your Department Chair or
MSO. If the department cannot provide the accommodation, the
Office of Services for Students with Disabilities should be
contacted. They will provide the accommodation but will recharge
the department for the service.
A student may identify himself or herself later in the quarter.
These will be students with recently identified disabilities or
students whose previously successful management of a disability
is no longer effective.
If you have difficulty, for any reason, in providing the
accommodation, please contact either Ms. Roberta Gimblett,
Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities
(extension 44382) or myself (extension 43132) before you say
anything to the student.
If you ask students needing accommodation for a disability to
identify themselves, please ask them to do so in a way that
respects their privacy. Do not ask them to identify themselves
in front of the class or others who do not have a need to know.
Students are not required to identify their disability to anyone
other than the Director of the Office for Students with
We appreciate your assistance and cooperation.
Thomas Hull
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs