University of California, San Diego

November 1, 1993
SUBJECT: Campus Procedures for Submitting Employment Requisitions
Effective immediately, the following changes will be implemented for employment requests submitted to the Human Resources Department. These changes are necessary in order to classify positions thoroughly and accurately prior to any employment action.
A. Deadline Dates
1. Employment requisitions received in the Human Resources
Department by Wednesday 4:30 p.m. will be prepared for the job bulletin of the following week. The bulletin will continue to be distributed on Fridays via hardcopy and electronically.
2. Positions with NEW job descriptions not previously
classified by Human Resources may require up to two weeks for classification.
The opening of a recruitment or the processing of a recruitment exception will not be initiated until after the classification action. Thus, it is critical to allocate sufficient time for classification when staffing new positions.
To expedite an employment requisition designated as a REPLACEMENT, include a copy of the current job description that was classified previously and the new job description.
3. Departments will continue to receive a turnaround copy
of the employment requisition detailing classification and recruitment information after the recruitment appears in the weekly job bulletin.
B. Employment Requisition Package
The Employment Requisition Package contains the information which hiring supervisors need to complete and forward to the Human Resources Department to initiate a recruitment for a vacant position. The package consists of an Employment Requisition form, FO2031 (8/91) and a Job Description.
Requests for waivers of recruitment must include an Employment Requisition Package along with an Employment Application and Applicant Data Form. Recruitment waivers require additional information as follows:
-Appointments for all career appointments and casual appointments at 50% or more that are more than three months in duration require a request to waive recruitment (Affirmative Action Waiver). Please refer to the Campus Notice: Affirmative Action Recruitment Guidelines, dated January 25, 1993.
-Change in appointment type from casual/restricted (student) to staff appointment requires submission of a "Staff Request 
     to Hire UCSD Student" form with the Employment Requisition Package. This form may be obtained by calling the Staffing Specialist for your area.
C. Staffing assignments for the Employment and Staffing
Services unit have been changed recently to balance the hiring activity of the various Vice Chancellor areas. Staffing Specialists are responsible for recruitment and the processing of recruitment waivers for the following areas:
Academic Affairs, Orlando Hidalgo x40279 Resource Management,
Student Affairs
Business Affairs, Claude Rowe III x44274 SIO, University Relations/Development School of Medicine Susan Carroll x44116
Departments of Kathy Phelan x46338 Medicine, MSCCP Additionally, Paula Doss, Manager of Professional Recruitment and Community Outreach, is responsible for selected recruitments in MAP and A&PS titles as well as other positions designated for special outreach efforts. Questions regarding recruitment procedures may be directed to Pat Wong, Manager of Employment and Staffing Services at 534-2820.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor