University of California, San Diego

November 3, 1993
SUBJECT: Human Resources Department - Organizational Changes
As announced in September, the Human Resources Department has established a vision and mission reflecting a renewed commitment to UCSD employees. To better achieve the strategic goals and objectives on which our partnership with the campus community is based, organizational changes outlined below have taken place within the Human Resources Department. Also listed is contact information for specific functions.
I. The Employment and Staffing Services unit will continue to administer
the campus staff employment program by implementing recruitment and referral strategies to meet organizational needs; provide consultation and guidance to hiring authorities on employment and selection practices; implement the affirmative action plans of the Vice Chancellors; and provide assistance to layoffs seeking re-employment and employees seeking transfers. Additionally, the unit will provide job information and application services to applicants and maintain the applicant database.
Assigned operational areas of responsibility have changed as follows:
Patricia Wong Manager 0922 x42820 Susan Carroll School of Medicine 0922 x44116 Orlando Hidalgo Academic Affairs, 0922 x40279
Student Affairs, Resource
Management & Planning
Claude Rowe Business Affairs, SIO, 0922 x44274
Development & University
Kathy Phelan School of Medicine 0922 x46338 Denise Karp Staffing Assistant 0967 x46333 Mary Lou Manuel Staffing Assistant 0967 x46333 Marie Munoz Staffing Assistant 0922 x47613 Sandy Kunold Human Resources 0922 x42812
II. The Professional Recruitment and Community Outreach unit will manage,
develop, and implement a strategic plan to increase workforce diversity in professional, management, and technical positions and will design and implement a community relations program which promotes UCSD's image as an employer of choice.
Paula Doss Manager 0922 x40282
III. The Classification, Compensation and Records unit will manage direct
compensation and classification programs including the administration of base pay and ancillary pay; range adjustment, merit increase and award programs; classification and pay grade determination of positions; development of classification tools and compensation methodology; organizational design consultation; coordination of campuswide classification advisory committees; auditing, approving and processing of personnel actions.
Judy Johnson Manager 0922 x40986 Thelma Vanesian MAP/A&PS Compensation/ 0922 x44130
Classification Specialist
Open Staff Compensation/ 0922 x44215
Classification Specialist
Dorothy Brinson Records Coordinator 0922 x43847 Kelli Dayton Records Assistant 0922 x40985 Linda Olvera Records Assistant 0922 x46841 Judy Burt Administrative Assistant 0922 x40986 Jeannie Vaughn Administrative Assistant 0922 x40281
IV. The Employee Relations unit will provide responsive, dependable and
consistent customer-centered service which fosters expanded communications and supports the rights and responsibilities of the UCSD population. As point of contact, Employee Relations provides consulting services, advice, support and referral in the Human Resources arena to UCSD employees, supervisors and administrators. Primary focus encompasses policy and collective bargaining agreement interpretation and application, conflict resolution, personnel programs, public relations and liaison, work force modification and affiliated training.
Mary Ann Mead Manager 0922 x44115 Jonnie Craig Academic Affairs, 0922 x48011
Student Affairs,
Development & University
Jenni Leibman Health Sciences & 0922 x44136
Chancellor's Office
Kathy McKinney SIO, Business Affairs, 0922 x44214
Resource Management &
V. The Policy Development & Quality of Work/Life unit will oversee Human
Resources policies, provide interpretation, develop practice and procedure guidelines, and initiate research, new and collaborated services and programs that support the interdependent work/life issues of UCSD's diverse and dynamic community.
Open Director 0922 -
(Policy development and administration responsibilities will remain with Judy Johnson until the position of Director of Policy Development & Quality of Work/Life is filled.)
These organizational changes are effective immediately. Human Resources units not impacted by the reorganization remain unchanged and will maintain their current responsibilities. Should you have any questions, please contact the appropriate individual as listed above.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor--
Human Resources