University of California, San Diego

December 7, 1993
A special Task Force on Affirmative Action was convened to review the effectiveness of UCSD's Affirmative Action programs and make recommendations for improving the procedures for hiring, promoting, and retaining people of color. I have reviewed the report issued by the Task Force and the Academic Senate Special Committee's written response to it, as well as the responses from numerous groups on campus. While there may be differences of opinion regarding some of the recommended initiatives, the fundamental principles espoused by all groups serve as the foundation for our efforts. These are difficult and sensitive issues, but all parties involved in this process agree on shared goals. It is essential that progress be rooted in our collective and respective commitment to fairness and justice, to compliance with legal requirements, and to the willingness to adapt to the world around us while continuing to pursue our institutional goals of excellence in research and teaching. A principal priority at UCSD is to increase diversity and ensure that our policies are not discriminatory. I am charging the Vice Chancellors, the Dean of the School of Medicine, and the Director of the Medical Centers with the responsibility of ensuring that the
appropriate program initiatives are instituted to meet our Affirmative Action goals. A report establishing programs, initiatives, and time frames for these efforts will be submitted to me by March 31, 1994.
The measures proposed by the Vice Chancellors, Dean of the School of Medicine, and the Director of Medical Centers will address the following principles and goals:
- All employees will comply with Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws, policies and procedures, and the Personnel Policies and Procedures of this campus.
- UCSD will support programs that assist in recruitment and promotion efforts for increasing diversity in the work place.
- The Human Resources and Staff Affirmative Action offices will work in collaboration with units responsible for hiring to ensure that effective procedures are used to monitor hiring practices. - Creative initiatives will be employed to expand and diversify applicant pools, including the temporary employment pool. Career education and development will be utilized to enhance the growth and potential of employees. - When search committees are established for hiring staff employees, all efforts will be made to ensure that these committees are diverse.
- Current UCSD policy requires that the contributions of personnel supervisors to Affirmative Action be a component of their performance evaluations. Managers will ensure that this component is applied systematically.
- To assist in the resolution of employee concerns, UCSD will establish an employee relations unit in the Human Resources Department and, if deemed necessary, encourage alternative dispute resolution processes. - The Personnel Procedures Manual will be made easily accessible to all employees, in locations such as campus libraries and via Infopath, on Campus and at the Medical Center.
- The annual report of campus performance on Affirmative Action will be made available to groups on and off campus.
- My office will coordinate, on a periodic basis, an external management review of Affirmative Action programs at UCSD.
- Courses will be offered to expand cultural awareness and to train employees in hiring and managing a diverse work force. Faculty and staff will be encouraged to participate in these programs that complement existing Affirmative Action course offerings; special
training will be available as needed. I wish to thank those who have participated in the efforts to improve
the procedures for hiring, promoting, and retaining people of color. We are all enriched and strengthened by being members of UCSD's ethnically diverse community. Our campus recognizes the
responsibility this places upon us and must respond by valuing and supporting initiatives that ensure a diverse community. Richard C. Atkinson