University of California, San Diego

January 3, 1994
SUBJECT: UCSD/Citicorp Diners Club Corporate Card Program
Q's & A's #2
Subsequent to the implementation of the Diners Club Program on October 11,
the Travel Office has received many inquiries about the program. The initial
questions were addressed in the November 8 campus notice. However, since
that time, additional questions have been asked and we would like to once
again share with you the most frequently asked questions along with their
Q: I would like to have traveler's checks rather than cash.
Where can I obtain them? Is there a fee?
A: At any Citibank location worldwide. There are three
Citibank locations in San Diego: 16469 Bernardo Center
Dr., 4180 La Jolla Village Dr. and 6499 El Cajon Blvd.
The Travel Office has a complete list of both United
States and International locations. The initial fee (1%
of the total amount for the travelers checks) will appear on your
statement but it will be reversed if you return your travelers
check receipt along with the remittance portion of your statement
to Diners Club.
Q: Will I receive my travel reimbursement from the Travel
Office in time to pay my Diners Club statement?
A: The Travel Office processes Travel Expense Vouchers
(TEVs) within 15 working days from the time that they are
received in the Travel Office. You have approximately
60 to 90 days before a late fee is assessed to your
Diners Club statement. The cardmember is responsible for making
the payment to Diners Club.
Q: The cash advance limit of $250 per 24 hour period and a
maximum of $500 during any 7-day period is too low for
some of the events that I take. How can I have the
allowable amount increased?
A: If you require a higher cash advance limit, just send a
memo to the Travel Office (Attention: Diners Club
Program Coordinator, Mail Code 0955) requesting an
increase along with a brief explanation.
Q: At what ATM's can I use my Diners Club card to receive
A: Any ATM which displays the following logo's: Plus,
Cirrus, AFFN, STAR, SAM, MPACT, TYME, Presto, Citibank,
Honor and Metrolteller. Call 1-800-CITI-ATM to find an
ATM near you.
Q: What future enhancements are being considered for the program?
A: We are developing and will soon be implementing a process
that will allow for direct payment as recorded on either
a TEV or Request for Reimbursement Entertainment Expense
by the Travel Office to Diners Club for expenses that you
have charged to your account. Once this feature is in place
and with your approval, rather than issuing a reimbursement
check to you, an electronic transfer of funds will be made
directly to Diners Club on your behalf.
Q: Now that the special "call in" enrollment period has ended,
how can I become a member?
A: If you would like a Diners Club Corporate Card, please call
the Diners Club Program Coordinator at extension 43734
for an application form.
Q: Does the Faculty Club accept the Diners Card?
A: Yes. Diners Club is now being accepted at the Faculty Club.
Faye E. McCullough