University of California, San Diego

January 20, 1994
SUBJECT: Disbursements' Target Image and Information Management System
The Disbursements Division of Business and Financial Services recently completed the implementation of a document management system called "Target Image and Information Management System" (TARGET). TARGET was implemented to increase productivity by reducing document retrieval time, eliminating manual routing of invoices internally, facilitating the sorting and filing of documents, and providing both immediate document retention as well as off site backup document storage.
Presently, TARGET is being utilized to scan original paper invoices from University vendors referencing campus low value, high value and blanket purchase order numbers received in the Disbursements Division. The invoices are scanned as they are received creating an electronic image of the document. Once scanned, the invoice image is processed for payment against the purchase order information on IFIS. Invoices will be paid according to the terms stated on each invoice, (i.e., an invoice dated January 1 with terms of Net 30 will be processed for payment so that a check is generated by January 27).
The implementation of TARGET will be transparent to all departments with the exception of the file dated invoice copies previously received under the Special Method (reference PPM 350- 2, Disbursing Procedures). Effective immediately, departments instead will receive the original invoice from our Division stamped "SCANNED, retain for your records". This original invoice will take the place of the file dated copy previously received by departments. In order for us to respond to inquiries regarding a scanned document, please make reference to the purchase order and invoice number(s). All other procedures pertaining to these invoices remain the same. There are no changes to the processing of invoices under the Departmental Approval Method. The implementation of TARGET will allow for us to enhance our present level of service to our customers as well as provide future opportunities to increase efficiency in the management of our documents.
Faye E. McCullough