University of California, San Diego

January 21, 1994
SUBJECT: Express Processing for Short-Term Appointments and Student-to-Staff Appointments
As a part of the Human Resources Department's efforts to simplify and
redesign administrative processes, the processing and approval for
short-term exceptions and student-to-staff appointments can now be
expedited for positions which have already been classified.
Effective immediately, express processing may be used for the
following actions:
 Short term appointments at 49% or less for any duration  50-100% appointments for 90 days or less
 Student to staff appointments
If the appointment meets one of the above conditions, please submit the following forms to Human Resources for immediate processing of the Personnel Action Form:
 Employment Requisition
 Job Description  Employment Application and Applicant Data Form  Request for Express Processing (Attached)
 Employment Hire Forms
Short term casual appointments which do not have existing classified job cards will continue to require a classification review before approval by the Human Resources Department. Please submit the forms listed above (excluding the Request for Express Processing) for review. The Employment Hire forms should be forwarded after classification approval by Human Resources.
Questions regarding these procedural changes may be directed to Pat Wong, Employment and Staffing Services Manager, at x42820.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor - Human Resources
This form can be used for the following appointment types if a classified job description is available: 1. Short term appointments for less than 50% 2. Short term appointments for 90 days or less 3. Student to staff appointment change
Please submit this form and the following to Human Resources, mailcode 0922:
 Employment Requisition
 Job Description (and copy of previously approved job card)  Application and Applicant Data Form
 Employment Hire forms
INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPARTMENT: 1. Employment Requisition - complete the following hire
 Approved Job Title and Title Code
 Type of Transaction: STE or Student to Staff  Name of Person to be Hired
 Start Date
2. For Student to Staff Appointments Only - complete the
following information.
 Student Status: ___ Undergraduate ___ Graduate
 Initial hire date in department:__________________
 Continuous pay status since ______________________
(except summer quarter)
3. Salary - check the appropriate box:
___ Above minimum salary approved by Human Resources ___ Student to Staff appointment with no change in salary
4. Job Description - Write the name of the employee on the Job
Card. Indicate how the classification was assigned for this position:
___ Master Job Card
___ Previously classified job description ___ Classified through Student Employment
5. Qualifications reviewed to ensure that the applicant meets
the requirements for the position. YES ____
Department Signature _______________________________ Date _________________