University of California, San Diego

June 9, 1994
SUBJECT: Employment Programs for Persons with Disabilities
The UCSD Department of Human Resources conducts a wide variety of recruitment and retention activities which support the employment of persons with disabilities. Included in the programs designed to ensure UCSD's commitment to Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity are presentations to community agencies affiliated with persons with disabilities which cover UCSD employment opportunities, participation in job fairs which target persons with disabilities, coordination of applicant referrals from the California State Department of Rehabilitation Career Opportunities Development Program, and a variety of educational workshops and job accommodation services offered through both the Campus and Medical Center Employee Rehabilitation programs.
One of these programs which we wish to bring to your attention is the Special Selection/Reemployment process.
The Special Selection/Reemployment process supports the University's policy to retain current career employees and reemploy former career employees with disabling medical conditions. Under this employment program, current employees with disabilities and former employees who have been separated for medical reasons are given the opportunity to be productive through placement in an appropriate, vacant position for which they are qualified.
Special Selection/Reemployment candidates who are determined to be qualified by the Department of Human Resources for referral to hiring supervisors with vacant career positions, will be considered along with employees on layoff exercising preferential rehire rights prior to all other applicants.
Questions regarding the Special Selection/Reemployment process on the Campus may be directed to Pat Wong, Manager of Employment and Staffing Services, x42820 and at the Medical Center to Ann Rossi, Manager of Human Resources, x36433.
Rogers Davis
Asst. Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources