University of California, San Diego

October 17, 1994
SUBJECT: UCSD/Citicorp Diners Club Corporate Card Program
Q. In order to obtain the most economical airfare, I need to purchase airfare
tickets well in advance. May I have an airline ticket billed to my personal Diners Club Corporate Card but have the Travel Office actually
pay for it?
A. Yes, as of October 10, 1994 a new feature called "strip billing" has been in place which will automatically transfer the airline ticket charge from your personal Diners Club Corporate Card account to the University's Central Bill Account which will then be paid by the Travel Office.
The airline ticket charge will be reflected as a "memo item" on your personal Diners Club statement but will not be included in the "total 
     payment due."
You may purchase your airline ticket as far in advance as required to obtain the best fare. However, it is necessary to have a Travel Notification processed in advance either through IFIS on-line or by mailing
the form to the Travel Office to notify us that the charge is for University business. If an authorization is not received, the Travel Office will not be able to pay for the charge and will advise Diners Club to apply the unauthorized airline ticket back to your personal Diners Club statement and you will be responsible for the payment.
Airline tickets can still be purchased through the Diners Corporate Travel System (CTS). CTS allows for either the travel agency or the airline to charge the airline ticket directly to the University's Central
Bill Account (CTS) for employees and non-employees traveling on University business, bypassing the use of a personal Diners Club Account.
Q. Can the Travel Office pay my other travel related Diners Club charges directly to Diners?
A. Yes, as of December 1, 1994 the new Travel/Host Expenses Voucher (TEV) allows you to authorize the Travel Office to pay Diners Club for business related expenses through an electronic transfer of funds, rather than by issuing a reimbursement directly to you. Direct payment to Diners can only
be made after the Travel Office receives your authorization on each TEV.
The former TEV and the Request for Issuance of Check Entertainment Expense (Form #2115) have been combined into the Travel/Host Expense Voucher (Form #2102) and is available from the Storehouse. You can continue to use your existing supply of forms but please type in the "Balance Due" field "Direct
     Payment Corporate Card" and the amount that should be transferred by the Travel Office to Diners Club.
Q. Does Diners Club offer any travel accident insurance?
A. For tickets that are either charged to your personal Diners Club Card or on
CTS, the benefit provided each insured person is $350,000.00 for accidental
loss of life. If you wish to designate a beneficiary, Beneficiary Cards are available by calling 800.237.4365.
Q. Is there any advantage to using my Diners Club card when renting a car?
A. The Diners Club Corporate Card is the primary insurer for repair of damage and loss to a rental car at no additional cost. Charge the rental fee to your Diners Club Corporate Card account and decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) offered by the rental company at the time of rental. This benefit allows you to shop around for the least expensive rental rate.
In addition, the primary CDW insurance offered through the Diners Club card
does cover cars rented; internationally, including Mexico but does not include cars rented in either New Zealand or Italy.
Q. In summary, what are the overall advantages of using Diners Club
Corporate Card for my University business travel expenses?
A. No out-of-pocket expenses for airline tickets.
Cash Advances when you need them, "no more paperwork." (A $6.00
transaction fee will be charged for the cash advance which is claimed on the TEV).
Direct payment to your Diners Club account by the Travel Office.
Primary insurer on rental cars.
24 hour customer service, worldwide.
$1,250.00 excess lost baggage coverage.
If you would like a Diners Club Corporate Card application sent to you, or if you have any questions, please contact Chrissy Smith in the Travel Office at extension 48419 or via e:mail at csmith@ucsd.edu.
Faye E. McCullough
Disbursements Division