University of California, San Diego

November 10, 1994
Dear Colleagues:
Earlier this quarter you received a letter from Vice Chancellors
Caserio and Watson inviting your application for an undergraduate
research assistant in the Faculty Mentor Program. Through your
efforts we were able to place approximately 240 students as research
assistants last year. Please note, however, due to a shortage of
research placements, nearly 400 higly qualified undergraduates could
not be placed. As the new director of the Academic Enrichment
Programs, I am calling on you to help us increase the number of
students served this year.
All research assistants from the program are in their junior and
senior years and make a commitment to work at least 10 hours a week on
research assigned by the faculty. Students receive 8 units of 199
Independent Study credit, 4 units during the Winter and 4 in the
Spring. In addition to assisting their professors, students write a
research proposal and paper analyzing some facet of their mentor's
research project. At the end of the year, participating students
present their research at the Faculty Mentor Program Research
The Faculty Mentor Program has been in existence for twelve years and
is intended to enrich undergraduate education, to encourage students
to consider graduate or professional school, and to provide
preparation for entrance into Ph.D. programs and careers in research
and university teaching.
If you would like an application form or have any questions or
suggestions, please contact Darlene Salmon, Faculty Mentor Program
Coordinator, at x45791.
Mel Green, Director
Academic Enrichment Programs