University of California, San Diego

December 6, 1994
SUBJECT: Catastrophic Leave Donation Program
I am pleased to announce the implementation of a Catastrophic Leave Donation Program for the UCSD community. Under this new program, UCSD employees may donate vacation leave credits to another UCSD employee who experiences a catastrophic illness or injury, or who must care for a family member who experiences a catastrophic illness or injury, and who has exhausted all leave. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary and no employee should feel compelled or coerced to donate leave hours. The program is intended to allow willing employees to assist colleagues in need during a difficult time.
The Catastrophic Leave Donation Program will be available on a pilot basis, effective January 1, 1995. The attached documents include:
 Catastrophic Leave Donation Program Overview  Questions and Answers
Employees or departments who would like to use the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program may contact the Policy Development & Quality of Work/Life unit for the following forms:
 Catastrophic Leave Donation Application Form  Catastrophic Leave Donor Form
 Catastrophic Leave Donation Transfer Form  Model Communiqu for Requesting Donations
Questions about the program should be directed to Denise Campbell, Director, Policy Development & Quality of Work/Life at extension 49659, mail code 0922, or dcampbell@UCSD.EDU.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources
Catastrophic Leave
Donation Program
University of California, San Diego
The Catastrophic Leave Donation Program permits salary and benefit continuation for employees who have exhausted all paid leave due to serious
illness or injury, or due to the need to care for a seriously ill family member. Subject to the stated eligibility requirements, salary and benefit
continuation is achieved through donations of vacation credits from the employee's colleagues.
"Catastrophic illness or injury" is defined as an illness or injury which incapacitates the employee or family member, and which creates a financial hardship because the employee has exhausted all eligible leave credits.
All UCSD career employees who are eligible to accrue and use vacation time are eligible to participate in the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program as recipients or donors.
Eligible recipients may also participate in the program to care for family members as defined in SPP 410.8 and A&PS 153.8.
Eligible donors may donate vacation time in hourly units with a minimum donation of eight (8) hours and an annual maximum donation of no more than 50% of the Donor's annual leave accrual entitlement, or 50% of the Donor's vacation balance at the time of the transfer, whichever is less.
Donations of leave credits which cross funding sources will only be approved following review of any restrictions applicable to the funding sources in question.
The prospective recipient submits a Catastrophic Leave Donation Program Application to his/her Department Head along with appropriate verification of the illness/injury for which the leave is necessary. In cases where the
potential recipient is unable to initiate the process, a power of attorney or the Department Head may act in the employee's behalf.
The Department Head (or Designee) verifies the exhaustion of the employee's
eligible paid leave and notifies the Human Resources Department of the employee's request.
Donors shall complete the Catastrophic Leave Donor Form and submit it to their Department Head for approval. If the Donor is not in the same department as the intended recipient, the Department Head (or Designee) must contact the Human Resources Department to ensure approval for crossing
funding sources. Upon approval, the Donor's Department Head shall forward the Donor Form to the Recipient's Department Head (if different). Donor names shall remain confidential in order to protect the voluntary aspect of
the program.
The Recipient's Department Head (or Designee) establishes a leave credit bank for the employee, in consultation with the Human Resources Department,
to ensure that donated hours are paid from the same funding source or are approved to cross funding sources.
The Recipient's Department (or Designee) submits a Leave Transfer Form to the Payroll Office as the donated hours are needed and in the order that the hours are received.
The Human Resources Department ensures that an employee's decision to donate, or not donate hours, is kept confidential and that the program is administered in an ethical and appropriate manner. Solicitation of donations shall be free of coercion and/or pressure.
Catastrophic Leave Donation Program
Questions & Answers
Why is sick leave not eligible to be transferred to another employee as part of the program?
Sick leave is not something an employee "owns." For example, when an employee terminates, accrued sick time is forfeited.
What is the effect of short- and long-term disability benefits in relation to the program?
Once time is donated to an eligible employee, that employee is placed on active pay status. When an employee is on payroll status, they are not eligible for short- or long-term disability.
Can donations be made to any employee and not be limited to an employee's home department?
Donations can be interdepartmental with mutual departmental approval and if funding source restrictions do not prevent the transfer of hours.
Can an employee donate time to a central donation bank?
There is no central donation bank. All donations must be designated for a specific employee.
How are leave credits transferred from the Donor to the Recipient?
The leave credit transfer is completed when the Leave Transfer Form is submitted by the Recipient's Department Head (or Designee).
Why must donations be made anonymously? Can it be optional?
Donors are anonymous to protect the voluntary aspect of the program. Anonymity prevents potential pressure being placed on employees who do not choose to donate hours, regardless of the reason for their decision.