University of California, San Diego

December 14, 1994
SUBJECT: Salary Plan for 1994-95
The Office of the President has received confirmation from State officials that no mid-year budget cut will be required. Therefore, the "No Trigger" Plan which
was announced in my August 22, 1994 notice will be implemented. Increases which
are retroactive to October 1, 1994, will be paid beginning with the February 1, 1995 paycheck (January 25, 1995 for bi-weekly paid employees). Retroactive payment for the period October 1 through December 31, 1994 will be paid later in
the month of February. Specific salary adjustments scheduled for implementation
are as follows:
Salary Ranges:
Salary ranges are being adjusted by 3% retroactive to October 1, 1994. Any employee falling below the new range minimum who was not eligible for a merit increase will be brought to minimum centrally. No action will be required by departments, however, departments should be aware that this adjustment will be funded from the same source as the salary. General Funded employees who fall in
this category are being funded centrally from range adjustment funds. Departments will receive a report of any employees automatically moved to range minimum in January.
MAP and A&PS employees do not receive a rate adjustment like Staff employees when the ranges are adjusted unless they fall below the new minimum. MAP and A&PS salaries are adjusted based on performance. The anticipated 3.5% merit pool upon which managers made MAP and A&PS merit recommendations has been confirmed. Therefore, the MAP and A&PS merit increases which were submitted at the end of October have now been approved. Approval listings are being distributed to departments via their Vice Chancellor offices this week. These merit increases are retroactive to October 1, 1994.
Range Adjustment:
Salary ranges for the following groups in the Staff Personnel Program have been adjusted by 2.2% retroactive to October 1, 1994:
99 Non-Represented
CX Clerical
HX Patient Care Professional
PA Police
RX Research Support Professional
Employees in these classifications will receive the general increase of 2.2% retroactive to October 1, 1994. Employees reappointed following VERIP may not earn more than 85% of the rate received at retirement, therefore, they are not eligible for any rate increase if already at this maximum level. At this time, we anticipate such employees will be eliminated from the general increase process.
Salary rates for Skilled Crafts Employees are being increased by 4% effective January 1, 1995.
Negotiations continue for Patient Care Technical, Registered Nurse and Service units, therefore, no salary plans can be confirmed at this time.
UPTE has been recently certified as the exclusive representative for Technical unit employees. The provision of any range adjustments, general increases and merit increases is subject to collective bargaining and consequently cannot be confirmed at this time. Payroll titles which belong to the new Technical unit are listed at the end of this notice.
Staff Merits, Six-month Increases, and Casual Increases continue to be subject to a six-month delayed implementation schedule. Department merit recommendations for Staff employees eligible for a merit increase on
July 1, 1994 are currently being processed for January 1, 1995 implementation. Employees receiving a January 1, 1995 merit increase who are also entitled to the October 1, 1994 general increase will have the general increase applied first and the merit increase second. Staff merit recommendations submitted last
month will be converted to the new range-adjusted rates centrally.
A merit call will be issued in the Spring for those employees listed as merit-eligible on January 1, 1995 for implementation on July 1, 1995.
MAP, A&PS and Staff employee award program funding for 1994-95 is being augmented by .8% of payroll and provided in a block grant for General Funded employees. Upon receipt of the General Funds allocation from the Office of the President, Vice Chancellors will be free to implement employee award programs within their respective areas. It is anticipated that these award funds will be
distributed in the current fiscal year. Managers will be encouraged to fund awards from non-State sources at a level equivalent to the State funding. Meetings will occur soon with all Vice Chancellor offices to assist in developing program models for allocation of these funds.
If you have any questions about these salary plans, please contact Judy Johnson,
Compensation Manager at extension 40986 or via electronic mail (jjohnson@UCSD).
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources
4031 Lifeguard
4804 Computer Resource Specialist II 4805 Computer Resource Specialist I
4812 Senior Computer Operator
4813 Computer Operator
9803 Fire Captain
9804 Fire Specialist
9805 Fire Fighter
6102 Senior Artist
6103 Artist
6107 Art Model
6111 Principal Illustrator
6112 Senior Illustrator
6113 Illustrator
6114 Assistant Illustrator
6122 Senior Medical Illustrator
6123 Medical Illustrator
6203 Projectionist
6221 Principal Photographer
6222 Senior Photographer
6223 Photographer
6226 Senior Photographic Technician
6227 Photographic Technician
6254 Recording Technician
6314 Assistant Public Events Manager 6317 Senior Wardrobe Technician
6318 Wardrobe Technician
6332 Senior Scene Technician
6333 Scene Technician
6334 Assistant Scene Technician
6344 Stage Helper
6650 Language Assistant
6652 Senior Linguistic Informant
6653 Linguistic Informant
6677 Reader for the Blind
6680 Interpreter/Translator for the Deaf 6693 Translator - Nontechnical
6694 Translator - Technical
7002 Senior Construction Inspector
7003 Associate Construction Inspector 7004 Assistant Construction Inspector 7101 Principal Drafting Technician
7102 Senior Drafting Technician
7103 Drafting Technician
7113 Television Engineer
7141 Principal Environmental Health & Safety Technician 7142 Senior Environmental Health & Safety Technician 7143 Environmental Health & Safety Technician
7161 Principal Engineering Aid
7162 Senior Engineering Aid
7163 Engineering Aid
7170 Development Technician V
7171 Development Technician IV
7172 Development Technician III
7173 Development Technician II
7174 Development Technician I
7684 Editor
7685 Assistant Editor
7704 Writer
7705 Assistant Writer
7712 Senior Printing Estimator
7713 Printing Estimator
8291 Principal Television Technician 8292 Senior Television Technician
8293 Television Technician
8295 Sound Technician
8301 Principal Electronics Technician 8302 Senior Electronics Technician
8303 Electronics Technician
8304 Electronics Technician Trainee
8311 Principal Laboratory Glassblower 8313 Laboratory Glassblower
8312 Senior Laboratory Glassblower
8314 Laboratory Glassblower Trainee
8396 Principal Marine Mechanician
8651 Principal Laboratory Mechanician 8652 Senior Laboratory Mechanician
8653 Laboratory Mechanician
8654 Laboratory Mechanician Helper
8662 Senior Petrological Technologist 8663 Petrological Technologist
8761 Principal Optical Technician
8762 Senior Optical Technician
9523 Principal Animal Technician
9524 Senior Animal Technician
9525 Animal Technician
9534 Animal Health Technician IV
9535 Animal Health Technician III
9536 Animal Health Technician II
9537 Animal Health Technician I
9601 Laboratory Assistant IV
9602 Laboratory Assistant III
9603 Laboratory Assistant II
9605 Laboratory Assistant I
9622 Scanner II
9623 Scanner I
9632 Principal Museum Preparator
9633 Senior Museum Preparator
9634 Museum Preparator
9717 Diving Officer