University of California, San Diego

January 3, 1995
SUBJECT: Preferred Travel Agency for UCSD
UCSD and Balboa Travel, Inc. have entered into a partnership for a pilot volunteer travel consolidation program. Departments participating in the pilot program will be:
Business Affairs
Chancellor's Office
Central Library
School of Medicine - Neurosciences
SIO - 2 units (to be announced)
For informational purposes, in December 1992, Vice Chancellor Steve Reylea appointed the Travel Management Task Group which included faculty and staff from the School of Medicine, Physics, Economics, Student Affairs, Business and Financial Services, Academic Affairs, and SIO to review the potential benefits of consolidating travel management services for the university.
The task group studied the issues and evaluated the potential benefits of travel consolidation. In their final report, the group's recommendation was to consolidate travel services as a pilot, non-mandatory program. The report further recommended that the pilot should be: 1) for approximately 10% of the university's travel; 2) with a single agency; and 3) for a trial period of six months (later extended to one year).
Based on these recommendations, the Travel Implementation Team was convened to prepare a Request for Proposal (RPF) for the purpose of evaluating and selecting the travel agency for the pilot program. This process took over a year to complete so care could be given to all details as well as taking time to ensure all local agencies were advised, both on the university's intentions and to invite their participation.
Letters of invitation to participate in the RFP process were mailed to all San Diego travel agencies. A pre-submission conference was held to answer any questions the representatives of the travel agencies might have had. Approximately 20 proposals were submitted for final evaluation.
Based on the selection criteria, the Implementation Team named Balboa Travel as the successful agency.
UCSD has received and continues to enjoy outstanding service from many San Diego travel agencies. However, the following are just a few of the services Balboa Travel will be providing UCSD based on our agreement:
* Agents and Direct Lines - Dedicated to UCSD
* Lines Accessible 24 Hours - Worldwide
* Guaranteed Lowest Available Airfare
* Preferred Seats & Frequent Flier Upgrades
* Ticket Delivery to Campus Departments
* Airport Concierge Service
* International Service Department: passport/visa photos,
application processing, currency conversion, travelers cheques, translation services...
With this partnership, quality assurance checks are in place to measure the services that Balboa Travel will be providing UCSD. During the year of the pilot program, you will be asked for your feedback so UCSD can eventually have a travel program to accommodate our special needs.
Please come and meet Balboa Travel at one of the three orientations scheduled in the Chancellor's Complex, Room 111-A and learn more about the benefits of travel management consolidation:
January 11, 1995 10:00 - 11:00
January 18, 1995 10:00 - 11:00
February 1, 1995 2:00 - 3:00
RSVP to the Travel Office at extension 48419. (Refreshments will be served).
Please be reminded, this is a pilot program and participation is your choice.
Faye E. McCullough
Disbursements Division