University of California, San Diego

January 6, 1995
SUBJECT: FD&C Information Services
The following is to familiarize you with the Information Services our department provides on a recharge basis. Many departments utilize our efforts for Computer Aided Design (CAD), plotting, reproductions (blueprints/xerox) of plans/maps or just information research. In many cases, we advise Departmental representatives how to expedite their work directly through a reprographics firm. If the UCSD staff, faculty or students need Facilities Design & Construction (FD&C) to facilitate their request, here are the procedures to follow to process the requests.
First of all, a departmental business representative (usually an MSO) should initiate a Work Request (Form #FO2215 from the Storehouse) which is directed to our department. A FAX (44363) or E-MAIL addressed to Julio Ramos will greatly expedite your
request. A job number is assigned for the activity which may be a one-time request or a blanket account per fiscal year. Many departments simply reissue accounts by fiscal year. Our fiscal component recharges activity based on the following principles:
- There is no charge if research or blueprinting/xeroxing is less
than 20 minutes.
- Blueprinting/xeroxing is done out-of-house if it requires more
time than above. This yields an invoice which will then be recharged against the job number that is assigned to each Work Request.
- CAD services and plotting are available at our department's
recharge rate of $42.36/hr. These services will be provided only if time is available.
- Enlargements/reductions, presentation blackline, mounting
images on foam core, slides, and so forth, are all additional costs determined per request.
- The recharge rate for labor (as opposed to materials) is
$42.36/hour. For example, if the item requested requires considerable research or is available in our archives, an hour or two may occur in order to go to another location, retrieve the information, print it, and return it. Likewise, if information is hand-delivered by our department, an hour- and-one-half is usually charged because of round trip transportation. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to pick up your item or notify us to mail it via campus mail.
For the simplest requests which are printed out-of-house, there is a typical labor charge of one hour to cover the
activity of retrieving the items (usually plans), writing up the print request and filing back the plans upon their return.
Thank you for your attention to this information.
M. Boone Hellmann
Assistant Vice Chancellor