University of California, San Diego

February 8, 1995
SUBJECT: IFIS On Line Transfer of Funds Training
The On Line Transfer of Funds (OLTF) is an electronic, IFIS-interfaced replacement for the campus' existing budgetary transfer of funds form. A plan is in place to phase out the current paper-based system by July 1, 1995. Paper transfers submitted beginning fiscal year 1995/96, will be returned to the preparer for on line processing. The Budget Office recommends that all impacted departments adequately prepare for the campuswide implementation of the on line system.
Currently three groups of individuals are expected to use the OLTF system:
 Preparers -- departmental personnel who initiate a transfer of funds document;
 Approvers -- individuals who review and approve transfer of funds transactions;
 Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) -- individuals who are required to set up and maintain approval templates for OLTF preparers.
DSAs will be responsible for setting up and maintaining OLTF approval templates for their departments. The templates, which must be set-up by the DSA for each preparer before they can create transfer documents, contain specific information about the electronic approval routing of a transfer of funds document. To ensure system integrity, a DSA from each department will be required to be formally trained on OLTF set-up procedures before any of their departmental preparers or approvers can access the system. PREPARER/APPROVER TRAINING
Minimally, one preparer from each department is required to be formally trained on the OLTF system. Preparers and approvers of OLTF documents will both attend a single hands-on training class. Every user listed in the approval template of a document will have been required to be trained and have full access to the OLTF system before a transfer of funds document is accepted by the system.
To facilitate the transition to the on line system, the Campus Budget Office is offering hands-on training classes coordinated in conjunction with Adminstrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT). Please note that it will be necessary to coordinate access to the OLTF screens with your DSA via an ACT Access Request Form at the time you enroll. The ACT training desk can be reached at extension 49783. For your convenience, the dates and times for classes are as follows:
DSA Training
February 15, 1995 Wednesday 1:30p - 4:00p February 22, 1995 Wednesday 9:00a - 11:30a March 28, 1995 Tuesday 9:00a - 11:30a April 24, 1995 Monday 1:30p - 4:00p May 22, 1995 Monday 1:30p - 4:00p
Preparer/Approver Training
February 13, 1995 Monday 1:00p - 4:00p February 21, 1995 Tuesday 8:30a - 11:30a February 27, 1995 Monday 1:00p - 4:00p March 29, 1995 Wednesday 8:30a - 11:30a April 25, 1995 Tuesday 1:00p - 4:00p May 23, 1995 Wednesday 1:00p - 4:00p
Feel free to share this information with those in your department who are DSAs or preparers and/or approvers of transfer of funds documents. Questions regarding the class should be directed to Dawn Buttrell, extension 46518. Questions concerning class enrollment, OLTF screen access or IFIS connectivity should be directed to ACT, extension 49783.
We look forward to your attendance.
Pamela G. Sanford