University of California, San Diego

February 10, 1995
SUBJECT: Process Redesign of Sponsored Projects Administration
In our continuing efforts to reduce administrative workload and streamline many of the redundant steps in our business practices, Vice Chancellor Relyea has formed a team of campus representatives who, over the next four months, will study the administrative work processes involved in sponsored projects, including the activities and interactions between academic units, the offices of Extramural Funds Accounting, Contracts & Grants Administration, and sponsoring agencies. The team will contact members of the UCSD community, private industry and our sponsoring agencies to understand existing processes and to determine how we can redesign our work to meet the challenge of increasing administrative workloads with fewer resources.
The success of the project is contingent upon the involvement of customers and users of these processes. As such, members of the team may be approaching you for your insights and opinions. They will be gathering information on: 1) How we currently perform our business - Kerry Nare, Office of Contracts and Grants Administration; Maria Cruz, Extramural Funds Accounting; 2) How other universities and private industries are handling similar work processes with better results - Emma Reyes, Extramural Funds Accounting; Bill Brophy, Resource Management; RB Smith, Center for Astrophysics & Space Science; 3) How information technology can enable us to work more efficiently - Stephanie Siegler, School of Medicine Dean's Office; Sandra Duckett, Business & Financial Services, and 4) What our principal investigators, our sponsoring agencies, and our administrative support staff need - Carole Ring, Department of Medicine; Helen Cao, Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
This team has the support and guidance of its Steering Team composed of Richard Attiyeh, Vice Chancellor - Research, OGSR; Roland Blantz, Professor-Medicine; Tom Collins, Associate Vice Chancellor - Marine Sciences; Linda Dale, Director, Contracts & Grants; Don Larson, Assistant Vice Chancellor - Business & Financial Services; Roger Meyer, Associate Dean - School of Medicine; Stephanie Peterson, Director, Internal Audit; Steven Relyea, Vice Chancellor - Business Affairs; and John Woods, Vice Chancellor - Resource Management. I am asking for your help and support for this reengineering effort which will ensure the continuing excellence of UCSD.
Richard C. Atkinson
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