University of California, San Diego

March 9, 1995
SUBJECT: Clerical Title Consolidation Project
The University currently has over 1,100 individual job titles which have become administratively burdensome to the University. Reducing the number would streamline the classification system, reduce the number of classification reviews that occur systemwide, make it easier for managers and supervisors to organize the work to be performed, and create more equitable layoff units. In addition, a reduction of titles may result in increasing employee development opportunities by broadening job responsibilities and clarifying career paths. The desire to reduce the number of job titles is consistent with the "Human Resource Management 
     Initiatives" currently under discussion.
It has been proposed that the number of clerical and administrative titles in the Staff Program be reduced on a systemwide basis. Under the proposal, 45 clerical and administrative titles would be consolidated into 8 titles that would be retained on a permanent basis, and an additional 5 titles that would be retained temporarily. Employees currently allocated to a title to be retained temporarily would remain unchanged; however, no employees would be subsequently hired, reclassified, transferred or promoted into any of these titles. Affected titles are as follows:
Title to be deleted:
Messenger (4874)
Title to be retained:
Clerk (4673)
Titles to be deleted:
Cashier (4613)
Communications Attendant (4513)
Secretary I (5008)
Secretary I (Shorthand) (5009)
Senior Typist Clerk A (4682)
Senior Typist Clerk B (4683)
Titles to be retained:
Senior Clerk/Secretary (4672)
Word Processing Specialist (4953)*
Titles to be deleted:
Administrative Assistant I (4714)
Senior Cashier (4612)
Senior Cashier-Supervisor (4615)
Principal Clerk (4671)
Principal Typist Clerk (4681)
Secretary II (5007)
Program Assistant I (6457)
Program Assistant I-Supervisor (6460) Administrative Assistant I-Supervisor (4703) Principal Clerk-Supervisor (4667)
Principal Typist Clerk-Supervisor (4684) Secretary II-Supervisor (5012)
Titles to be retained:
(blank) Assistant I (4724)
(blank) Assistant I-Supervisor (4728) Senior Word Processing Specialist (4952)*
Titles to be deleted:
Administrative Assistant II (4713)
Communications Attendant Supervisor (4512) Supervising Cashier (4611)
Secretary III (5006)
Program Assistant II (6456)
Program Assistant II-Supervisor (6459) Administrative Assistant II-Supervisor (4702) Office Supervisor (4707)
Secretary III-Supervisor (5011)
Titles to be retained:
(blank) Assistant II (4723)
(blank) Assistant II-Supervisor (4727) Principal Word Processing Specialist (4951)*
Principal Word Processing Specialist-Supervisor (4949)*
Titles to be deleted:
Administrative Assistant III (4712)
Administrative Assistant III-Supervisor (4701) Office Supervisor II (4706)
Administrative Assistant IV (4711)
Titles to be retained:
(blank) Assistant III (4722)
(blank) Assistant III-Supervisor (4726) Word Processing Supervisor (4950)*
Affected employees in titles proposed for deletion would be classified into the permanent title remaining in the appropriate clerical level. For example, Secretary III positions will become classified as (blank) Assistant II. "(Blank) Assistant" is a title designation for pay purposes and departments will fill in the blank and use whatever working title is most appropriate to describe the functions performed. A position assigned budget responsibilities and currently classified as an Administrative Assistant II might be called a "Budget Assistant II" on the job description card and in any other materials describing the position, although the PAF will simply note "(blank) Assistant II" as the payroll title. The (blank) Assistant series was favored over the Administrative Assistant series given the broad variety of functions performed by UC's Clerical/ Administrative employees.
The salary ranges within a defined clerical level are the same for the titles being deleted as those being retained; therefore, employees will remain in their same step and rate of pay in the new title. No changes are anticipated to an employee's job description, pay or benefits solely as a result of this consolidation. As the order of layoff is determined by title within a department, an individual employee's seniority may be affected by consolidating clerical employees under new titles.
During the phase of proposal development, it came to our attention that the Senior Clerk title carried on-call eligibility at 25% of base pay. To our knowledge, on-call has never been assigned to this class, nor is it anticipated for future assignment. Therefore, it is also proposed that the on-call eligibility for the new Senior Clerk/Secretary class be eliminated.
Minor changes to the class specifications were also required to accommodate these changes, although the primary criteria for determining the appropriate clerical level is unchanged. The proposed class specifications are published on the HRWeb (http//www-hr.ucsd.edu), located under the Compensation, Classification & Records section which is accessible through On-line Services. The HR Web is also accessible from InfoPath.
The proposed effective date for the consolidation is May 1, 1995. If approved, the change of payroll titles would be implemented centrally, so no PAFs would need to be submitted by the departments.
AFSCME has been informed and invited to comment on this proposal as it affects represented Clerical employees. Key Administrators are requested to share this proposal with any non-exclusively represented Clerical employees in their departments. Questions or comments from supervisors and non-exclusively represented Clerical employees may be forwarded to Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager via e-mail (jjohnson@ucsd) or via mail code 0922 by no later than Friday, March 31, 1995.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources