University of California, San Diego

March 21, 1995
SUBJECT: Human Resource Management Initiatives (HRMI)
During the Fall of 1994, the first phase of consultation regarding the proposed changes of the Human Resource Management Initiatives (HRMI) was conducted. During this phase, members of the UCSD community were invited to review HRMI-related documents, attend open forum sessions and provide comments regarding these proposals. As a result, recommendations were forwarded to the Office of the President by UCSD and the other UC campuses.
As these programs and policies are further refined leading to final and formal presentation, a second informal review process is appropriate. They are being presented now for that purpose. This informal review process will provide the opportunity for the UCSD campus community to attend open forum sessions (as noted below), review the full text of the documents, and provide feedback to the Human Resources Department. Subsequently, a UCSD position, representative of the campus sentiment, will be forwarded to the Office of the President.
In an effort to ensure that the UCSD community has the opportunity to evaluate and provide comments which will assist the Office of the President in shaping the final proposals as well as the campus in the implementation of the HRMI, a number of steps are being taken which include the following:
O The Office of the President's "Human Resource Management
               Initiatives--Policy and Program Proposals" and the "Human 
               Resource Management Initiatives, UCSD Executive Summary" documents are available through InfoPath by selecting the following menu items: Campus Resources and Services; Administrative Departments; and Human Resources and Personnel. Or, you may reach the Human Resources Web directly via: HTTP://WWW-HR.ucsd.edu. The HRMI documents are located in the Policy Development and Quality of Work/Life area. In addition, hard copies of these documents are available at the libraries and through the staff associations.
O Open forum sessions to discuss the proposed changes have been
scheduled as follows:
Thursday, April 6 12-1:30 pm SIO, 4500 Hubbs Hall
Friday, April 7 12-1:30 pm IR/PS, Robinson Building Complex
Monday, April 10 12-1:30 pm Price Center, Ballroom A Wednesday, April 12 12-1:30 pm 111-A University Center,
Chancellor's Complex
O Focus groups, including representatives from each Vice
Chancellor's area, as well as representatives from staff associations and various other Human Resources-related committees, have been formed to review the documents and provide substantive feedback.
Please send your comments to Denise Campbell via e:mail at dcampbell@ucsd or via campus mail at 0922, by no later than Friday, April 14.
Please be advised that the formal review of the Human Resource Management Initiatives (HRMI) Personnel Program policies section will take place from July through September of 1995. The target date for the implementation of the HRMI is July 1, 1996.
We look forward to receiving your comments and seeing you at our open forum sessions.
This notice is provided in accordance with HEERA guidelines.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources