University of California, San Diego

April 24, 1995
SUBJECT: Reorganization of Staff Affirmative Action/Conflict of Interest Office
Staff Affirmative Action and the Conflict of Interest Office have been managed as one unit for many years. The heightened demands made on both offices made it
increasingly obvious that these two functions need to be separated to provide more focus in each area. To recognize the importance of both areas and to provide sufficient staff support, these offices will be reorganized to fall under different units. Effective July 1, 1995, the Conflict of Interest Office will be realigned with Environment, Health, & Safety and the Staff Affirmative Action office will report to Human Resources.
A full search will be initiated to hire a new Director of Staff Affirmative Action. A goal of the reorganization will be to strengthen affirmative action monitoring and enforcement, and provide for increased support of affirmative action programs. Full support for the progress made in affirmative action to date will continue, and the existing momentum will be built upon. Aligning Staff Affirmative Action with the larger Human Resources unit will enable this function to have a greater impact on hiring, selection, and other personnel actions. I will continue my personal involvement in supporting and directing affirmative action policies and programs at UCSD.
Delia Talamantez, who has been managing both units, will be responsible for Conflict of Interest. This will enable an increased focus to an area that has grown in complexity, and will help ensure the integrity of the University's research mission. We expect that the similar missions of Conflict of Interest and Environment, Health, and Safety will make this a good fit, particularly for serving principal investigators and other research staff at UCSD.
For those of you who were not in attendance at last week's Affirmative Action Awards ceremony, please join me in thanking Delia Talamantez for her outstanding
service in coordinating affirmative action, and wishing her well in her new role
in supporting UCSD's research programs.
Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs
University of California, San Diego
April 25, 1995
SUBJECT: Alumni Association Award Recipients for 1995
I am pleased to announce the recipients of the 1995 Alumni Association Awards for Excellence. Selected to receive the Outstanding Alumnus Award is Wolfgang Berger, Ph.D. 68 (SIO). Considered by many as the world's most distinguished paleoceanographer, he was awarded the Balzan Prize in 1993 for his pioneering work in deciphering the geological history of the oceans and its climatic implications.
The Professional Achievement Award will be presented to Edwin Hutchins, B.A. 71, M.A.'73, Ph.D.'78. While working for the Naval Personnel Research and Development Center, he developed artificial intelligence tutoring systems cited internationally as among the best in the field. A founding member of the Department of Cognitive Science at UCSD, he developed the concept of distributed
cognition, a widely accepted term in the cognitive science community.
John Wixted, B.A.'81, Associate Professor of Psychology, will be honored for Distinguished Teaching. A universally respected member of the Psychology Department, he receives rave reviews for his teaching of large undergraduate courses, major graduate seminars and team-taught graduate seminars each year.
Clair W. Burgener will receive the distinction of Honorary Alumnus in recognition of his twenty-four years in public service. His distinguished record includes membership on the San Diego City Council, the California State Assembly, the State Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and The Regents of the University of California.
UC Alumni Regent, Peter Preuss, M.A. 67, will receive the Distinguished Service
to the University Award for his contributions to the Alumni Association, UCSD CONNECT, and the UCSD Cancer Center Foundation. Completing his second year as a
Regent, Preuss has been actively involved in committee work involving hospital governance, the national labs and the rotation schedule for Alumni Regents.
The recipients will be honored on June 17 at the Awards for Excellence Banquet held at the Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines. We would welcome participation by faculty, staff, and students. For more information, contact the Alumni Office at
Bernie Farrow
Executive Director