University of California, San Diego

May 10, 1995
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding UCSD Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Additional UCSD Campus Prefix
Effective July 1, 1995, the University of California San Diego will initiate a second prefix within area code (619). This new prefix will be (619)822-xxxx and will be in addition to the current (619)534-xxxx campus prefix. On July 1, the Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) Department will implement the first block of one thousand extensions and begin the assignment and issuing of phone extensions within the range of (619)822-0000 through (619)822-0999. Additional blocks of one thousand extensions within prefix (619)822-xxxx will be implemented as the need warrants.
The new (619)822-xxxx prefix will be issued in all cases except when integrated voice and data lines are requested. When integrated voice and data lines are requested, the extensions that will be issued will still utilize the current campus prefix (619)534-xxxx.
The implementation of prefix (619)822-xxxx, as with the current campus prefix of (619)534-xxxx, will continue to allow all users assigned the prefix (619)822-xxxx to call and be called internally to and from other extensions within the University of California San Diego Campus, Point Loma
and the Medical Center locations at both Hillcrest and La Jolla by simply dialing the internal five digit dialing sequence, i.e. 2xxxx, 3xxxx, 4xxxx and 7xxxx. All standard features and services available with prefix (619)534-xxxx will also be available with prefix (619)822-xxxx.
Any questions concerning the implementation of the new campus prefix (619)822-xxxx should be directed to UCSD ACT Customer Service at 534-5530.
Roger Talamantez
Assistant Vice Chancellor