University of California, San Diego

July 19, 1995
SUBJECT: Replacement Notice on Improper Use of Electronic Mail
My message to the campus of February 1, 1995, concerning distribution of possibly offensive e-mail messages included the following statement:
"The use of University resources such as electronic mail to 
             disparage individuals or groups on the basis of gender, race, 
             sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion, is 
             strictly prohibited and violates University policy."
I have been advised that this statement, however unintentional, is worded so that it has the potential to discourage members of the University from the exercise of their academic freedom and First Amendment rights. After consulting with the Academic Senate and University Counsel, I am replacing the statement in order to remove any implication of encroachment on academic freedom and free speech. The revised message follows:
"I have been informed that the UCSD computer network has been 
             used to distribute messages offensive to individuals to whom 
             they were sent.  In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive 
             to learning and scholarship, the University discourages 
             discourtesy or personal invective in all discussions on the 
             campus, including those conducted through electronic mail.  
             The University is committed to providing a community free
             of harassment while upholding the principles of academic 
             freedom and free speech."
Richard C. Atkinson