University of California, San Diego

August 7, 1995
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Diversity Education Training Team
Chancellor Atkinson and other UCSD leadership have identified the need to expand cultural awareness among members of the UCSD workforce--in order to ensure a climate of respect and fairness for all employees, and to enable the productivity of those who contribute each day to the work of this University.
Addressing this need represents a strong commitment by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors to offer an educational forum that will be of prime benefit to the members of the UCSD workforce.
Accordingly, the UCSD campus, in collaboration with the Offices of Human Resources and Staff Affirmative Action, is initiating a Diversity Education
Program to increase awareness and appreciation of our workplace diversity and to build a cultural climate that affirms and supports UCSD's diversity principles and goals. This program is based on the cultural competence model and will be implemented through the collaborative efforts of UCSD's leadership and staff. The Robins Training and Development Group, a California-based external consultant, will work with UCSD to achieve the goals of this program.
A major component of the Diversity Education Program, critical to its success, is the Diversity Education Training Team. Its members, after being trained, will be responsible for working in teams to provide training
in cultural competence to UCSD employees across the campus. For persons interested in being part of the Diversity Education Training Team and serving as trainers, there are 50 openings in a five day (all day) Diversity Education Training course to be held on October 26, 27, 30, 31 and November 1, 1995. The training will be conducted by the Robins Training and Development Group at no charge to the persons selected to participate. Attendance for the duration of the course (all five days) is mandatory in order to become a trainer.
No prior training experience is required to become a Diversity Education trainer; however, individuals must have, among other skills, good communication and experience in leading and working with groups or teams and making presentations to groups. Those possessing these skills are encouraged to apply.
In addition to the commitment to participate in the five full-day Diversity
Education training course, there must be a commitment to devote between 15 to 45 hours over the subsequent 12- months delivering Diversity Education training. Thus, interested persons should discuss the time commitment for serving as trainers with their supervisors and obtain approval for release time in advance.
If you are interested in becoming a Diversity Education trainer, please:
1) Complete the attached Applicant Questionnaire and forward via
U.S. mail to:
The Robins Training and Development Group 8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 701-9
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
All questionnaires must be received no later than the close of business on August 25, 1995.
2) Ask your supervisor and one colleague from a UCSD department
other than your own each to complete the attached Endorsement Form and forward via U.S. mail to:
The Robins Training and Development Group 8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 701-9
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
All forms must be received no later than the close of business on August 25, 1995.
An interview panel will meet with interested candidates within four weeks following the application deadline to provide additional information and select the 50 prospective trainers. Locations, dates and times for these interviews will be announced in a timely manner prior to the meetings.
If you wish additional information on the cultural competence model, goals of the Diversity Education Program or background on the Robins Training and
Development Group, please refer to the summary of the Diversity Education Program on InfoPath. Once you access InfoPath, you may select "Campus 
     Resources and Services," then "Staff-Administrative Departments," then "Human Resources and Personnel," then "Online Information and Services," then "Other Related Services and Information," and then "Diversity 
     Education Program for the University of California, San Diego." Or, you may enter the Universal Resource Location (URL) address, http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/online/etc/diversity/.
If you have any questions about the Diversity Education Program or this announcement, please contact Lana Brenes, Director of Staff Education and Development at extension 44890 or via electronic mail at brenesl@ucsd.edu.
Thank you for your interest in this vital new program for the UCSD campus.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Please respond to these questions as they relate to your work, volunteer and life experiences. If you need to do so, you may use the back of the pages of this questionnaire to complete your responses.
1) What does diversity mean to you? How has diversity influenced
2) Why do you think a diversity education program is important to
3) What strengths do you have that will help you be an effective
4) Describe some situations where you helped groups solve problems?
5) Tell us about your experience in making presentations to groups.
6) Tell us about your experience in facilitating group interaction,
including responding to difficult or challenging situations.
7) How would those who know you describe you and the contribution
you make at work?
8) Describe your point of view regarding the representation of
different groups and cultures in the workplace.
9) Describe three primary issues that, in your opinion, confront us
as a society regarding human relations, including issues of race and gender.
10) Although it is not required, if you have experience in receiving
or providing diversity education or training, please tell us about it.
11) Why do you want to be a Diversity Education trainer?
I understand in making this application to be a Diversity Education trainer, if selected, I will be expected to complete approximately 40 hours of Diversity Education training and to contribute a minimum of 15 to 45 hours over a 12-month period delivering Diversity Education training.
___________________________________ ________________________________ Name (please print) Department
______________ __________________ ________________________________ Mail Code Extension Electronic Mail Address
_________________________________________________ _________________ Signature Date
Name of Applicant:____________________________________________________
Name of Endorser:_____________________________________________________
Address:_______________________________Telephone #:___________________
1) Capacity in which you know the applicant:
____Supervisor ____Colleague
2) Length of time you have known the applicant:_____________________
3) How would you describe the applicant and the contribution he/she
makes at work?
4) In your view, what are the applicant's key strengths,
particularly in dealing with people of diverse backgrounds?
5) Based on your experience with the applicant, how will he/she
contribute to the success of the Diversity Education Program?
_________________________________________________ _________________ Signature Date
Supervisors only: I understand in submitting this endorsement that I agree to the applicant's commitment to attend the 40 hours of Diversity Education training on October 26-31 and November 1, 1995 and to contribute 15 to 45 hours over a 12- month period delivering Diversity Education training.
_________________________________________________ _________________ Supervisor's Signature Date