University of California, San Diego

August 15, 1995
SUBJECT: Electronic Mail Notifications
Disbursements Direct Deposit (DDD)
As a UCSD employee, you have had the opportunity to participate in the Disbursements Direct Deposit (DDD) program since January. DDD allows you to receive non-payroll payments and all categories of reimbursements including travel by a direct deposit either to your checking or savings account.
Up until now, you have been receiving a paper confirmation document. In accordance with the October 3, 1994 campus notice, "Discontinuing 
     Paper-Based Administrative Support Processes" endorsed by the Vice Chancellors, an enhancement to the DDD program has been implemented. Paper confirmation documents have been replaced with electronic mail (e:mail) notifications. Implementation of e:mail notifications eliminates the paper handling and mail costs for all production, administrative, and departmental personnel. Most importantly, you will receive timely confirmation of your payments and reimbursements.
* If you are enrolled in DDD and you have a published e:mail address, e:mail notifications will automatically start being sent to you. You do not need to take any action.
* If you do not have an e:mail address or would like to have
your e:mail notifications sent to another UCSD employee's e:mail address or to another published e:mail address, please indicate in section "I." on the form at the bottom of this notice. Please note that if an e:mail address is not provided prior to a DDD being issued, it will be necessary for us to contact you for an e:mail address. So if you can provide this information in advance, it would be greatly appreciated.
For informational purposes, following is a summary of the program with added guidelines for the e:mail notifications:
* DDD is "linked" to the Payroll Sure Pay Program. To participate in
DDD if you are already receiving Sure Pay, you need only complete and submit the basic information requested by the agreement. Once you authorize DDD, you will immediately be ready to receive DDDs.
* If you have Sure Pay and you either modify or terminate your Sure
Pay record, your DDD profile for Accounts Payable and Travel will be updated automatically. Please note that the changes will need to be confirmed with your bank so that you will temporarily go back to checks for the interim period which will be approximately 10 banking days. You will be reinstated automatically in DDD once the information has been confirmed.
* New employees and employees enrolling for the first time in Sure
Pay are automatically enrolled in DDD by completing a Payroll Wage Distribution Request. Please note any special information on that form.
* You may enroll in DDD separately from Sure Pay. Please provide the
pertinent information requested at the bottom of this notice. We will need to send a pre-notification to your bank which will take approximately 10 banking days to confirm and then you will be ready to receive DDDs.
* You may update just your DDD profile. You will need to either
complete the form at the bottom of this notice indicating the change(s) and mail it to the above noted mail code or you may contact the DDD electronic mail box requesting the required action. Again, this information will need to be confirmed with your bank which will take approximately 10 banking days and then you will be automatically reinstated.
* When submitting your requests for reimbursement, you do not need
to do anything differently than you have in the past. If you are enrolled in DDD, this will be the default payment method. If, for any reason, a "paper check" is required in lieu of a DDD, you will need to indicate this on your request so a temporary DDD stop can be placed.
* If you have any questions regarding DDD notifications, please direct them either to the electronic mail box address DIRECTDP@UCSD or mail them to Mail Code 0955, Attention DDD.
* If you have questions on the status of a payment due you, contact the Disbursements' main extension 44080 or the Travel Office's main extension 43734 and your call will be directed to someone who will assist you.
Faye E. McCullough
Disbursements Division
Change_____ (indicate below any fields that have changed)
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Campus Phone:________ Mail Code:_________ e:Mail ___________________
If you do not have an e:mail address and/or wish to have your confirmations sent to an alternate e:mail address, please indicate here:
Name:____________________ Campus Phone:__________ e:mail___________________
I hereby authorize the University of California, San Diego to initiate credits and/or debits* to my account. This authorization is to remain in effect until canceled by submitting this form either in writing via mail or via electronic mail message.
* Debits can only be initiated to effect appropriate adjustments to
a prior credit. Debit transactions are limited to reductions for erroneous non-payroll payments and overpayments. The university cannot debit your account under any other circumstances.
If you have Sure Pay and you:
are responding via electronic mail, STOP here and send.
are submitting in writing please provide:
______________________________________ ____________________________
Signature Date
STOP here and mail.
If you do not have Sure Pay:
and you are responding via electronic mail:
Financial Institution:________________________________________________
Transmittal Number:______________________ Account Number_____________
Type of Account: Checking ___ Savings____
STOP here and send.
If you are responding in writing, please print a copy of this form, fill in the required information, attach a copy of one of your deposit slips, and mail to "DDD" at Mail Code 0955.