University of California, San Diego

September 11, 1995
SUBJECT: IFIS Graphical User Interface
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications announces the general availability of the IFIS Graphical User Interface (GUI) Order Entry and Requests data entry screens on October 2, 1995. This is in support of Assistant Vice Chancellors Donald Larson and Rogers Davis published goal for reducing paper-based processes (See Campus Notice dated October 3, 1994, Discontinuing Paper-Based Administrative Support Processes. Items 10 and 11).
This IFIS Graphical User Interface application provides a Windows/ Macintosh GUI front-end to the IFIS character based screens. The initial release contains windows that support the IFIS Department Order Entry and Requests data entry screens, and their associated functions. This application uses "Screen Scraping" technology to access the IFIS character based screens. We will begin working on Journal Vouchers, Transfer of Funds, and Travel in the near term.
Complete details regarding the hardware and software requirements for using the IFIS Graphical User Interface application will be available on October 2, 1995 through the ACT World Wide Web server. Use the "What's 
     New: ACT" link (http://www-act/act/whatsnew.html) or the "Special 
     Projects: Graphical IFIS" link (http://www-act/ifis/ifis_gui.html) on the ACT Homepage (http://www-act.ucsd.edu/). A list of the members of the IFIS Graphical User Interface pilot testing group is also available here. Please refer to the "README" files associated with each piece of software before attempting to download and install them. Please call the ACT Help Desk at extension 41853 if you need assistance.
The new GUI technology contains online instructions designed to introduce clients to the key features of graphical user interface and to guide them through the steps required to enter department orders and requisitions. ACT's Customer Services group will demonstrate the application at sessions to be held on:
Thurs Oct 12 1-3 pm Garren Auditorium,
Basic Science Bldg., SOM
Thurs Oct 19 1-3 pm Garren Auditorium Thurs Oct 26 1-3 pm Garren Auditorium
For more in information regarding the demonstrations, contact the ACT Training Desk at 534-9783.
Roger Talamantez
Assistant Vice Chancellor