University of California, San Diego

ALL AT UCSD September 11, 1995
Dear Members of the UCSD Community:
As the time for Rita and my departure for Oakland nears, and the reality of leaving UCSD truly hits home, I find myself filled with warmth and gratitude for the support I have received from you over the past fifteen years.
To the faculty, your excellence and achievements in all areas of academic endeavor have made UCSD the great institution that it is today. I consider my association with you the greatest honor of being Chancellor.
To the students, your quest for the life of the mind, and your commitment to the good of our society remind us of the university's larger purpose. Your causes have always been challenging and enlivening, and I have learned much from you.
To the staff, your professionalism, talent, and loyalty -- often under very difficult circumstances -- are the secret of UCSD's success in maintaining excellence as the institution has grown. You are the backbone of the University and I have been inspired by your example.
Rita and I sincerely thank each of you for giving us fifteen tremendously rewarding years.
Richard C. Atkinson