University of California, San Diego

KEY ADMINISTRATORS/KEY SUPPORT STAFF SUBJECT: Staff Affirmative Action Promotion Project
The Staff Affirmative Action Office is pleased to announce that the Promotion Project has been funded for Fiscal Year 1995-96. This is an employee development program to promote diversity at UCSD. All applicants who meet the criteria will be considered without regard to gender or ethnicity. Since the inception of this program, 33 employees have been promoted with the funding awarded by the Staff Affirmative Action Training Program Committee. I encourage you to submit an application if you are interested in participating in the program. If you applied in Fiscal Year 1994-95, you do need to submit a new application for consideration.
Applicants for the Promotion Project will be evaluated by Staffing Specialists based on their current classification and skill level in relation to the desired position(s). You will be notified if your application is accepted in the program's pool. Typically the way the program operates is that when a department has an opening in the objective classification, program participants are considered for referral to the hiring department based on career interests and objectives and the feasibility of developing a suitable training plan. Additionally, this program attempts to provide mentors for participants who are interested in having a mentor.
Each year, the Promotion Project targets several job classifications. Departments are encouraged to consider a Promotion Project participant to fill these positions. The following classifications will be targeted for this year:
Objective Classification
Program Representative I _________ Assistant III Administrative Analyst Sr. Administrative Analyst Management Services Officer II Programmer/Analyst II Programmer Analyst III Staff Research Associate I Staff Research Associate III
Qualified participants from the pool will be matched to the open positions and referred to the department for consideration. A participant who is selected by the hiring department will be promoted into the new position and will be trained for a period of three to six months. A formal training plan to maximize the candidate's strengths and to develop their potential will be designed.
If you are interested in this program, please complete the attached survey as well as a UCSD Employment Application, resume, and Skills Inventory Sheet (may be obtained from the Human Resources Department at Torrey Pines Center-South, Suite 266). Please return three (3) copies of the completed forms to the Staff Affirmative Action Promotion Project, 0923, by Monday, September 25, 1995. All materials must be typed. If you need additional information about this program, please call extension 45717. Hard copies of this Notice and the Promotion Project Survey may be obtained from the department contact.
Paula Doss
Interim Director, Staff Affirmative Action
All career staff employees must have passed their probationary periods and should be in their positions for a one-year period with at least overall "Met Exceptions" performance review to be eligible to apply for the Staff Affirmative Action Promotion Project.
Name _____________________________________________________________________
Employee ID #_____________ SSN: ____________
Department ________________ Mail Code __________ Extension _______________
Supervisor's Name _________________________________________________________
1. What is your current classification and salary step/grade?
Classification _________________________________________________________
Salary Step/Grade ______________________________________________________
Length of service at current classification ____________________________
2. What is your next job objective at UCSD and why?
Classification ________________________ Reason: ________________________
3. Have you previously participated in the Promotion Project? If so, how many times?
______ Yes _______ No # of times ______
4. Have you applied for a position in the past year at your objective
classification at UCSD?
______ Yes If yes, as referrals from Promotion Project (# of referrals ____) Self-initiated applications for transfer (# of applications ____)
______ No
If yes, were you interviewed? ___ Yes ____ No If yes, # of interviews: On campus _____ Off campus ____
5. Please describe any training and/or career development activities that you undertook in the past year which might attain you a position at your objective classification.
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 6. Are you willing to take training courses outside work hours if they would help you attain a position at your objective classification?
_______ Yes ________ No
7. Describe your strongest area(s) of experience.
8. In what area(s) do you feel you need to develop your skills in order to attain a position at your objective classification?
9. The Staff Affirmative Action Office coordinates mentorship programs which link candidates with staff professionals and managers from several Vice Chancellor areas. Mentors counsel participants in interview techniques, resume development, and provide additional support in enhancing the candidate's potential for advancement. If your application is accepted for inclusion in the Promotion Project pool, are you interested in participating as a mentee? (Selection as a mentee is not guaranteed. For more information about this program, please call extension 45717.)
_______ Yes ________ No
10. Other comments in support of your application:
_______________________________________________________________________ Please indicate which duties you have received training, performed as a regular duty, or had previous experience.
Use the following: T - Training only, P - Perform regularly, PE - Previous experience
__ Train subordinates __ Duties performed __ Make hiring decision __ Reconcile DOPES __ Disciplinary Action __ Develop rate structure
__ Performance Evaluation __ Develop budget __ Assigned work __ FABs
__ Designated "supervisory" __ Set up accounts __ Prepare financial reports
ACADEMIC PERSONNEL __ Monitor expenses __ Recruitment __ Reconcile ledgers __ Affirmative Action __ Request for advances __ Prepare files for review __ Compose letters for funding __ Provision control agencies
__ Visa/immigration __ Post ledgers __ Prepare vouchers STAFF PAYROLL/PERSONNEL __ Maintenance agreements __ Prepare job descriptions __ Depreciation/Reserve accounts __ Coordinate hiring __ Inventory
__ Coordinate/prepare layoff __ EIMR __ Maintain personnel files __ Financial modeling/projection __ PAF preparation/processing __ Provide benefits information PURCHASING __ Timekeeping __ LVPO
__ Labor/employee relations __ HVPO
__ Merit coordination __ Identifying sources __ PTRs __ Lab supplies __ Payroll files __ Equipment
__ Fund sources __ Office supplies
__ State __ Private __ Reconcile invoices __ Fed __ Recharge __ Set up maintenance agreements __ Other ________________ __ Sole source justifications __ Contracts
PROPOSAL PREPARATION __ Compile information/budget UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS SVCS. __ Prepare proposal package __ No. of majors __ Write narrative __ No. of undergraduates enrolled __ Write budget justification __ Provide curriculum info.
__ Prepare salary/budget projections __ Process petitions, etc. __ Act as agency contact __ Schedule classes
__ Degree checks
__ Faculty __ Assist academic advisors __ Academic __ Student employees GRADUATE STUDENT SERVICES __ Graduate students __ No. of graduate student
__ Staff __ No. of programs
__ Recruitment
__ Number of PIs __ Allocation of support __ Number of agencies __ Publications
__ Number of funds __ Student advising __ Total Annual Dollar Amount __ Faculty support __ Fund sources __ Admissions
__ State __ Private __ Fed __ Recharge __ Other _____________________ Please complete this survey and include three (3) copies of UCSD Employment Application, resume, Skills Inventory Sheet. Return to the Staff Affirmative Action Promotion Project, 0923, no later than Monday, September 25, 1995. All materials must be TYPED.