September 15, 1995
SUBJECT: Classification Process Review Team Report
Last September a team was appointed by Vice Chancellor Relyea and me to review the classification process and propose ways to streamline and modify procedures in ways which improve customer satisfaction and foster a relationship of shared responsibility between Human Resources and its customers. In addition, the team was instructed to ensure any recommendations made were philosophically aligned with the organizational values and future vision outlined in the Improved Management Initiatives and related documents.
Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager, served as Team Leader and Karen Andrews from the Linguistics Department served as Team Facilitator. The team was comprised of the following representatives from each vice chancellor area:
Katrina Albrandt Business Affairs Terrence Alexis School of Medicine
Ann Briggs Addo Resource Management and Planning Anne Cressey Scripps Institution of Oceanography Yolanda Garcia Student Affairs
I-Ju Tracy Development and University
Tony Wood Academic Affairs
After collecting information and deliberating for nine months, the team delivered their final report in June. The team's extensive report contains a description of the current environment in terms of the present organizational culture and existing classification problems which in many ways are a reflection of this environment and culture. The classification process within and outside of Human Resources is documented in the report and classification problems are categorized into four primary areas as follows:
1) Organizational values are not appropriately reflected in compensable factors.
2) Inadequate communication results in a lack of understanding and credibility.
3) The classification process is cumbersome and time-consuming.
4) The current compensation system is unresponsive, placing unrealistic expectations on the classification system.
A vision of the future is described in the report wherein new organizational values are articulated and recommendations are made as to how the classification system should integrate with these new values. Additional specific recommendations include:
a) The development of an automated market-based job evaluation system which would slot positions in a pay grade following on-line completion of a position questionnaire;
b) Improved communications relative to the classification process via briefings, written communications, the World Wide Web and other electronic means;
c) Decentralization of classification authority pending the development of the automated system for selected series;
d) Continued development of master job descriptions for use by multiple employees; and
e) Continued reduction in the number of job titles.
A complete copy of the report can be located on the World Wide Web under the Compensation, Classification and Records home page at: http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/~classification/. The home page can also be located via InfoPath. I encourage all interested employees to access this report and review the recommendations contained within. I welcome your comments as we proceed to evaluate these recommendations and move toward a more responsive and customer-oriented classification process. Comments should be directed to Judy Johnson at extension 40986 or via electronic mail at jjohnson@ucsd.edu.
If you have difficulty in accessing this document electronically, please consult with your System Administrator. For those still unable to retrieve the document, you may contact Judy Burt for a hard copy either at extension 40986 or by electronic mail at jburt@ucsd.edu.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources