University of California, San Diego

October 16, 1995
SUBJECT: Alarm Monitoring System
The UCSD Police Department's new alarm monitoring system is now online. Existing alarm accounts currently monitored by the Police Department are gradually being converted over to the new system, and we are ready to accept new accounts.
The new system offers several advantages by providing the campus with more reliable equipment and increased automation. All alarms on campus are responded to by UCSD police officers and having your alarm monitored directly by the UCSD Police Department cuts down on response time considerably. The police department charges $15 a month to monitor an alarm, which is substantially lower than the standard monitoring fee charged by outside central monitoring stations. Departments considering a switch from current private monitoring services to the police department's new system will continue to pay monthly charges to telecommunications, as the new setup operates through the use of phone lines as well.
Physical security alarm systems significantly reduce the probability of being robbed or burglarized and increase the probability of apprehension when these crimes are attempted in a protected facility. If you feel your area needs the protection of an intrusion or panic alarm, please contact our Crime Prevention Officer, Alan Jenkins, extension 43644. He can assist by conducting a security survey
and assessing your security needs at no cost to you.
Anyone wishing to switch an existing privately monitored alarm or to connect a new alarm to the Police Department should contact Mary Cabanding, Records & Communications Manager at 44361.
Maudie L. Bobbitt
Chief of Police