University of California, San Diego

October 20, 1995 KEY ADMINISTRATORS/KEY SUPPORT STAFF SUBJECT: Pacific Bell Account Consolidation Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) has negotiated a Summary Billing Plan with Pacific Bell. This new procedure will be effective November 1st, and will streamline the billing process, and allow University departments to save revenue. The consolidation of the accounts will be provided free of charge by ACT, departments will only be responsible for their normal service charges. Currently the University receives in excess of 1,550 individual bills monthly from Pacific Bell and other service providers (AT&T, MCI, etc.) for telecommunication services. Each one of these bills is handled no less than four times by various departments on campus. Disbursements must issue separate checks to pay invoices on these accounts. This laborious process causes many delays which generate late charges on more than 60% of all invoices. By establishing a summary billing, ACT can forward the bill to accounting for payment and one check can be issued. In addition, departments will receive the same information contained on the current bill from the vendors but it will be recharged on the existing billing from ACT. This not only eliminates late payment charges and excessive postal expenses but also a massive amount of paperwork.
This change will ensure that the best services are received for the lowest possible cost. University departments can expect to receive the following volume user benefits: a minimum of 10% discount on all long distance calls; elimination of minimum usage charges; and elimination of inappropriate tax charges. Further, expenses will appear on the ledgers in a more timely manner and those departments on federal grant moneys will be able to track expenses more closely and eliminate overdraft situations.
Departments that currently receive services from Pacific Bell will be receiving a hard copy memo with their account information. We are requesting the form be returned by Friday October 27th. If you have not receive your hard copy memo by Friday, October 20th, or if you have any other questions, please contact Sandra Taylor, sandra@ucsd.edu, at extension 48864, or Keith Harrison, ktharrison@ucsd.edu, at extension 47339.
Roger Talamantez
Assistant Vice Chancellor - ACT