University of California, San Diego

December 1, 1995
As many of you know, each year under the auspices of the UCSD
Staff Association, toys are collected during the Holidays for children at UCSD Medical Center. Collection boxes are located in various areas around the general campus for your contributions or, if you prefer, bring your new, UNWRAPPED toy to the Campus Holiday Breakfast at the Price Center on Wednesday, December 13. (For those people at the Medical Center itself who are interested in donating toys, please contact Nomie Frazzetta in the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit at 3-6585.) If none of these options is convenient for you, please call me (Pat Hansen, x4-4005) and we will arrange for pickup. The toys are delivered to the Medical Center on Dec. 13, immediately after the Breakfast. The list of suggested toys and gifts following this text has been provided by Medical Center staff. It is geared toward items that will entertain, as well as comfort, bedridden children.
Most of the children (and many adults) who are patients at the Medical Center are seriously, chronically, or terminally ill. These are children with cancer, cystic fibrosis, kidney failure and a multitude of other diseases and conditions. Some, but not all, are poor children from indigent families and, for some, these are the only presents they receive. We distribute presents to ALL the children (personally delivered by our wonderful Santa), and we do not differentiate based on family income.
Obviously there isn't a "good" time to be seriously ill, however, it is particularly traumatic for children during the Holidays. A toy and a visit from Santa can sometimes make a difference for many of these children. Please help us make their day just a little brighter.
Thanks so much for whatever you can do.
Pat Hansen & Phyllis Campbell
x44005 x40635
Campus Toy Drive Coordinators
Mobiles GAMES: One-piece toys Memory
Small, soft, stuffed animals Hungry Hippos
Play gyms (Sesame St, Gymfinity) Monopoly & Monopoly Jr. Sing-along radios/cassette players Sorry, Life, Risk Learning & developmental toys: Checkers
(See 'n Say, Touch & Talk, Super Clue & Clue Jr. Speak & Spell, Smart Street Connect Four Little Smart First Words, Candyland Playskool, Talking Alfie or
Talking Big Bird)
Books on tape (all languages)
DOLLS: Stories w/tapes (Golden Story) Barbies (all, incl. Dr. Barbie)
Multi-ethnic plastic dolls VIDEO CASSETTES:
Baby Dolls Disney films (Lion King, Snow Disney character dolls White, Pocahontas)
Jurassic Park
GENERAL: Power Rangers Ninja Turtles Playsets (Barbie, Littles Pet Shop) Faerie Tale Theatre Lego/Duplo sets Sesame Street
Z-Bots, Transformer Toys Batman Returns Coloring Books, Puzzles
Crayons, Markers, Play Doh BOOKS:
Craft Books & Supplies Where's Waldo Magna Doodle, Etch-A-Sketch Magic Eye
Art & Drawing Sets & Supplies Disney Stories
Medical Play Sets (Medical Rescue) Choose Your Own Adventure Model Cars/Planes (snap together) BabySitters Club
Action Figures (Power Rangers, Batman,
Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Etc.
Personal radios & cassette players Movie Theaters (Pacific,AMC,etc) Hand-held computer games (Sonic 3, Music Stores (Wherehouse, Tower
Mortal Kombat) Records, etc,)
Toy computers Clothing Stores (Gap, Wet
Seal, Miller's Outpost,
The UCSD Medical Center is registered at Lakeshore Toys in Hazard Center. This store offers a wide variety of educational and developmental toys for all ages.
SPECIAL ITEMS FOR PLAYROOMS/SCHOOLROOM (Used items in good condition are gratefully accepted)
Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stereo Player w/CD
Easy Bowling Computers & Toy Computers 3 in 1 Tournament Table Educational Software Triple Arcade Punching Bags (child-size) Toys to Ride (cars, trucks,etc) Nintendo Cartridges
NOTE: While we love stuffed animals, we are hoping this year to have more toys that will entertain bedridden or ambulatory children.