University of California, San Diego

December 11, 1995
SUBJECT: Staffing Process Review Team Report
Vice Chancellor Steven Relyea and I appointed representatives from the campus community to review the hiring staffing process and make recommendations that would effect efficiency and convenience while ensuring fairness, consistency, and equal employment opportunity. The team was convened in July, 1994 and submitted its final report in July, 1995.
David Scronce from Environment, Health and Safety served as the Team Leader and Francesco Carusi from Housing and Dining Services served as the Team Facilitator. The other team members were:
Betty Albritton Resource Management and Planning Mamie Gonzalez Staff Affirmative Action
Kennon Kashima Student Affairs
Hung Nguyen Scripps Institution of Oceanography Barbara Seipel Academic Affairs
Ron Spears School of Medicine Pat Wong Human Resources
After collecting data from a variety of employers, including other universities and private sector organizations and from employee focus groups, applicants, and stakeholders, the team identified the following areas for review: recruitment, non-competitive hiring, selection, layoffs, transfer/career development, and affirmative action.
The team's extensive report contains information about the current environment and perceptions of the hiring process by various constituencies. The report identifies the core concerns and the environmental factors affecting the current process:
- The current hiring process is a linear, paper-intensive process which results in a long cycle time with potential for inconsistency, misplaced forms, and delayed responses.
- There is a lack of understanding regarding affirmative action as it relates to philosophy, statistical data, policy interpretation, and productive interaction among all constituents.
- The implementation of the layoff policy and preferential rehire procedures for reemployment were perceived as needing revision to ensure fairness to employees designated for layoff and for supervisors who are asked to consider applicants with preference.
- Career development policies and programs are not clearly understood by some employees and Human Resources' employment and training practices need to do more to foster transfer opportunities and enhance career development.
A complete copy of the report can be located on the World Wide Web under the Employment and Staffing Services home page at: http//www-hr.ucsd.edu/online/staffing/report/final.html/. The home page can also be located via InfoPath. I encourage all interested employees to access this report and review the recommendations contained within. Your comments are welcome as we proceed to evaluate these recommendations and move toward a more efficient hiring process. Comments should be directed to Pat Wong at extension 42820 or via electronic mail at pwong@ucsd.edu.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources