University of California, San Diego

January 17, 1996
SUBJECT: Policies and Regulations Governing Travel
The Senior Vice President -- Business and Finance, UC Office of the President, has announced several revisions to the administrative policy and regulations governing travel.
The related UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual Chapters will be updated to reflect these changes and will soon be available for viewing on the Disbursements-Travel home page (WWW).
The highlights of the revisions are:
 A. Extended Travel to Save on Airfare
Reimbursement of additional lodging, meals, incidental expenses, etc. is allowed when the cost of airfare would be less if the traveler extends a trip., e.g., a Saturday night stay.
NOTE: Generally additional expenses should not exceed the amount of
what the airfare would have been if the extended stay had not taken place.
 B. Documentation -- Receipts and Stubs
The receipt requirement threshold is increased from $25 to $75 for local transportation and miscellaneous expenses, and meal or incidental expenses.
Ticketless air travel is encouraged, but airfare expenses will only be reimbursed when an original copy of the itinerary/confirmation, written receipt (requested by the traveler at the airport), or a passenger receipt coupon (requested by the traveler when making reservation) is submitted with the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV).
 C. Documentation -- Receipts Unavailable
Lodging expenses will not be reimbursed unless the copy or faxed document presented by the traveler contains the itemized charges for the room e.g., taxes, telephone, etc.
NOTE: In the case that the lodging facility is unable provide a billing with itemized charges ( either domestic or foreign), please clearly indicate this on the TEV and note that "an 
                 exception to policy is requested". The TEV will be automatically routed to the proper approving authority and will be reviewed approved/not approved as appropriate. Departments will be notified immediately if an exception has not been approved.
 D. Time Requirement -- Submission of Travel Expense Vouchers
The requirement for submitting a TEV is increased to 21 calendar days from the current 10 day requirement.
NOTE: As a courtesy to university travelers, the Travel Office will
pay charges placed on your UCSD Diners Club Card as requested and identified on an approved and accurate TEV. However, in order to ensure timely payment to your Diners' account, these TEVs should be submitted within 10 calendar days from the completion day of the event.
The policies and regulations as quoted above are not intended to be inclusive of all possible exceptions. Please send questions via e-mail to mccullof@ucsd.edu and include in the subject line "Policies & Regulations 
     - Travel."
These polices and regulations are effective immediately and are applicable to all travel events that have not been reconciled previously regardless of the date of the travel.
Faye E. McCullough
Disbursements Division