University of California, San Diego

January 25, 1996
SUBJECT: Regents Endorse Proposition 203, Public Education
Facilities Bond Act of 1996 For your information, following is an official news release from the Office of the President - University Relations, regarding the Regents' endorsement of Proposition 203. If you have any questions concerning this notice, please call Pat JaCoby at 534-7404.
Winifred Cox Assistant Vice Chancellor
------------------------------------------------------------ The following news release was distributed at Friday's (January 19, 1996) meeting of the Board of Regents.
The Board of Regents today (Friday, Jan. 19) endorsed Proposition 203, the $3-billion bond measure on the March 26 statewide ballot that seeks to provide money for repairs and construction for California public education including the University of California.
"This is an investment in the future of California," said Board Chairman Clair W. Burgener. "There is no question 
          that California's system of public education has enabled the 
          state to become one of the world's economic wonders.
          "California's students need and deserve modern and safe classrooms, libraries and other educational facilities. Proposition 203 provides the means for California to do this."
          Proposition 203 represents the first time that capital 
          funding for K-12 and postsecondary education has been 
          combined in one bond measure.
          UC will use Proposition 203 funds primarily for seismic 
          retrofitting and health and safety improvements.  Projects 
          in 1996-97 and 1997-98 include seismic improvements and 
          renovations for libraries; addressing critical life-safety 
          and utility improvements for medical center teaching 
          facilities, laboratories and offices; and constructing and 
          equipping humanities, music and fine arts facilities.
          "Proposition 203 is essential to our ability to keep our campuses up-to-date and to meet the state's educational needs now and in the future," said UC President Richard C. 
          The Regents' resolution approved at today's meeting at UC 
          San Francisco authorized "the president and other university officials to organize a public information program to explain the importance of Proposition 203 in ensuring that buildings are seismically safe, that essential infrastructure is repaired or replaced and that critical fire and life safety improvements are made at the nine UC campuses."
          If approved by voters, Proposition 203, known as the Public 
          Education Facilities Bond Act of 1996, would generate about 
          $2 billion for elementary and secondary schools and about 
          $975 million for higher education.  The University of 
          California, California State University and California 
          Community Colleges would each share a third of the $975 
          The bond measure would help K-12 public schools upgrade and 
          construct classrooms, libraries and other needed facilities. 
          Funds will be used to make current classrooms safer in the 
          event of earthquakes, equip classrooms for computer 
          technology, reduce class size and meet enrollment growth.