University of California, San Diego

February 15, 1996
SUBJECT: SQL-DSE Off-Load Project
The campus has undertaken a project of one-year duration to off-load the Departmental Support Environment (DSE) from the current IBM mainframe FOCUS based facility to a Unix/Sybase environment. The new, Unix/Sybase DSE will be called SQL-DSE since it will use relational database and Structured Query Language (SQL) services.
Detailed information regarding this project, including the Project Plan, timeline, documentation, etc., are available on the ACT World Wide Web server at URL http://www-act.ucsd.edu/sqldse/sqldse.html (you may follow the link to SQL-DSE from the ACT WWW Home Page as well).
Departments which use the current DSE should start planning now to convert to the new SQL-DSE or to Darwin, the campus Data Warehouse. Parallel testing for some data has already started and will continue and expand through August, 1996, when all data structures currently in the DSE will be available for parallel testing and conversion until the end of this calendar year. At that time (Dec. 31, 1996) we expect to discontinue support of the Mainframe DSE.
A number of resources are available to assist clients in their conversion effort. In addition to the WWW pages, we have established a Listserve based email list (sqldse@ucsd.edu) which will be used for general discussion and information. The project WWW pages give details on subscribing to this list. Additionally, the DS Enhancement Team, which meets on a monthly basis, will be discussing and monitoring the off-load effort and can provide information to clients. Mary O'Neil from OGSR is the Chairperson of this committee and should be contacted for more information. ACT Systems will also be holding periodic Open Forums in Conf. Rm. 111A to discuss the project.
This project is part of an on-going campus effort to migrate applications and utilities from our legacy mainframe systems to an open client/server architecture. It is our intent to provide data and tools that will compliment the tools being developed by many academic and service departments at UCSD.
If you have additional questions, please see the above mentioned Project WWW pages or send email to the Project Lead (rcressey@ucsd.edu).
Roger Talamantez
Assistant Vice Chancellor