University of California, San Diego

February 23, 1996
SUBJECT: Fire Exits
You recently received a message from Vice Chancellor Relyea concerning the need for attention to accumulations of equipment and other materials in fire exit corridors in a number of campus buildings. As he stated, the primary purpose of the corridors in our buildings is to serve as the first vital link in assuring you and your colleagues of a safe way out during emergencies.
Again, as the Vice Chancellor indicated, the Environment, Health and Safety Office, and, in particular, my staff and I, stand ready to assist you in any way we can with regard to improving the situation. However, YOU can accomplish most of what's needed, through one of the three following avenues available:
1. Surplus Sales will pick up unwanted items, at no charge to you,
and sell it, generating revenues (after they deduct their "cut") for you to reuse. Call 536-3225 to arrange for pickup.
2. UCSD owns and operates its own "Self-Storage" facility at 7835
Trade Street (just off Miramar Road)--this is an ideal place to store infrequently-needed materials and equipment at a very low cost. Call 536-3225 and select extension 244 to arrange for a storage locker.
3. The EH&S Material Handling Facility will pick up and dispose of
unneeded chemicals and other hazardous materials. Call 534-2753, or request a copy of the Electronic Mail Request Form by sending a short email message to WASTEFORM@UCSD.EDU. Complete the form and send it via electronic mail to HAZWASTE@UCSD.EDU.
Again, please feel free to call me at 534-1062 for further assistance.
Richard D. Benton
UCSD Fire Marshal
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