University of California, San Diego

May 3, 1996
SUBJECT: Staff Affirmative Action Training Program, 1996/97,
Call for Individual Proposals
I am pleased to announce the call for individual proposals for the 1996/97 fiscal year. This program provides funds for training opportunities for career employees who have completed their probationary period, and seek advancement to higher level positions. Approximately $14,000.00 is expected to be available for individual proposals, with a $500.00 maximum award for each individual. One of UCSD's objectives is to increase the diversity in career positions (Staff, A&PS and MAP). The implementation of the Staff Affirmative Action Training Program is one method by which this objective may be achieved. This year, the Staff Affirmative Action Training Program Committee is targeting the following job objectives:
Job Objectives
MAP Manager Associate Development Engineer Senior Development Engineer Administrative Analyst
Program Representative III Programmer Analyst II Programmer Analyst III Staff Research Associate I Staff Research Associate II Senior Clerk
___Assistant I ___Assistant III
Lead Custodian Principal Electronic Technician Senior Electronic Technician Development Technician IV
Employees who aspire to be in any of the job objectives listed above, and who meet the criteria are encouraged to apply. All applicants will be considered without regard to gender or ethnicity. Requirements, selection criteria, and an application form are attached. Eligible applicants should submit a completed application form and 12 copies to the Office of Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action, Mail Code 0923, no later than Monday, May 20, 1996. The Committee will review proposals and make recommendations by June 28, 1996.
Please direct questions to the Office of Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action, extension 45717.
Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs
1. Individual applicants must aspire to be in one of the targeted job
2. The proposed activity must occur during the period of July 1, 1996
through June 30, 1997. Activities that begin before July 1, 1996 will not be considered.
3. The deadline for submission of applications is May 20, 1996.
4. Only requests for tuition/registration fees and books/materials will
be considered. (Do not include parking, insurance or health costs.)
5. All funds must be expended by June 30, 1997.
6. An evaluation form, evidence of successful completion, and original
receipts for approved costs must be submitted upon completion of the awarded activity in order to receive reimbursement.
7. Applicants must have completed their probationary period.
8. Applicants' most recent performance evaluation must be "Met Expectations"
or above.
Selection Criteria:
1. Does the applicant aspire to be in one of the targeted job objectives?
2. Does the proposal relate directly to the aspired position?
3. Is the proposal part of an attainable career plan for promotion or career
4. Have Staff Affirmative Action Training Funds been allocated previously to
the applicant? If so, the evaluation submitted in accordance with Requirement #6 above will be used in the consideration of this proposal.
NOTE: In general, the Committee expects departments to pay for training designed primarily to meet a departmental need rather than an individual's goal. In addition, applicants are encouraged to seek other sources of funding (i.e., personal funds, departmental reimbursement).
Suggestions on career planning:
Check Job Bulletin for samples of job descriptions. If any positions interest you, compare your skills and needs for training to obtain that position.
Seek advice from your supervisor. Your supervisor can assist you in examining your strengths and skill needs.
Talk with people who are working in the classification you are interested
in moving into. This will give you a better idea of what skills the position requires and will help you determine your training needs.
Call the following individuals for specific information regarding job interests that you may have at UCSD:
1. Pat Wong, X42820 - Human Resources
2. Professional Recruitment and Community Outreach, X40282
3. Ann Skinner, X36434 - Medical Center Human Resources
University of California, San Diego
1996/97 Staff Affirmative Action Training Funds Individual Proposal
Name: ______________________________________ Mail Code: __________________
Extension: ___________________ E-Mail: _________________________________
Payroll Title: ____________________________________________________________
Working Title: ____________________________________________________________
Department: ____________________________________ Employee ID#: ___________
Social Security Number: ___________________________________________________
1. Length of employment at UCSD: Years _________________________
Months _________________________
2. Payroll title to which you aspire in the short term:
If different from your short term goal, payroll title to which you aspire in the long term:
3. Brief description of current duties:
4. Brief description of proposed activity, requested course(s), where course is offered, etc. (attach extra page if necessary):
*Courses may be taken in any institution (i.e., UCSD Extension, UCSD Staff Education & Development, UC Medical Center Training & Development, San Diego State University, City/Community Colleges, etc.).
*If application is for a UCSD Extension class, please use the discounted fee (25% discount for tuition).
Course Title: _____________________________________________________________
Offering Institution: _____________________________________________________
Course Description: _______________________________________________________
Date(s) of proposed activity: _____________________________________________
*Classes that begin before 7/1/96 will not be considered.
No. of units (if applicable): ____________
Price per unit: _______________
Tuition/Registration Fee $ Books/Materials $ Less: Departmental reimbursement $
Personal funds $
Total Amount Requested $
(Please submit information for #4 separately for each course.)
5. Total Request: $___________________________ (not to exceed $500.00)
6. What other source(s) of financial support have you sought?:
Source: ____________________________________ Amount: $_________________
Was it funded? YES NO
7. Are you working toward a degree? YES NO
If yes, please circle one: AA Bachelor's Master's Ph.D.
8. Are these courses directly related to your job objective or current position? YES NO
If YES, Current Position Short Term Objective Long Term Objective
If NO, please explain: ___________________________________________________
How would the proposed activity improve your opportunities for promotion or career change?
This is to certify that I have completed my probationary period and have received a current performance evaluation of "Met Expectations" or above.
_______________________________________________________ ________________ Signature of Applicant Date
_______________________________________________________ ________________ Signature of Supervisor (if training is during work hours) Date
Please send 13 copies of your completed application to: Patty Arnett
Mail Code 0923
Office of Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action
DUE DATE: All applications must be received
no later than Monday, May 20, 1996
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you would like a written copy of this application, please contact us at extension 45717.