University of California, San Diego

May 8, 1996
SUBJECT: Intercampus Van Service To Be Discontinued
Beginning May 10, 1996, the UCSD Libraries will no longer provide an intercampus van service from UCSD to the UCLA campus. The existing van service, originally intended to expedite delivery of interlibrary loan materials between the southern UC campuses, has also provided passenger service and mail delivery between UCSD and UCLA.
With the increase in traffic conditions and gasoline costs, and staff shortages due to budget cuts, the cost of van service has become prohibitive and impractical for the Library. To decrease costs and improve service, the Library has signed an agreement with a commercial delivery service to provide overnight delivery of interlibrary loan materials between all the UC libraries. The delivery service will provide overnight delivery of all interlibrary loan materials between all participating UC campuses, not just the southern UC campuses. Northern campus interlibrary loan deliveries are currently handled by UPS using 4-day delivery. This service will not only save the Library in costs, but will also decrease the turnaround time of interlibrary loan items between UC libraries.
In addition to providing for the transportation of interlibrary loan materials, the van service has also provided for passenger service between UCSD and UCLA and mail delivery between the southern UC campuses. Under the new agreement, these services will no longer be provided. Beginning May 9, 1996, all mail to southern UC campuses will have to be sent by regular mail service. If you have any questions or comments about this new policy, please contact Tammy Dearie, Ext. 40733 or tdearie@ucsd.edu.
Phyllis S. Mirsky
Deputy University Librarian