University of California, San Diego

June 4, 1996
Subject: Fee-for-Service Modem Pool Sign-up.
A Web-based signup facility for customers wishing to register for use of the fee-for-service modem pool is now available for access starting at
The program has undergone some changes since the original announcement and customers should review the program description located at the above URL.
Customers who know their network username and password may use this facility to sign up for both general and low-use modem access plans. Payment can be made by check, credit card, or University index number. Users will receive electronic confirmation as we add them to the system, usually within a week of signup.
Customers who sign up now, and who send in their checks or signed credit card authorizations by June 25th, will be assured of access to the new modem pool effective July 1, 1996.
Customers who have questions or encounter difficulties with the Web- based signup service should contact dialinservice@ucsd.edu or call Ext. 4-1857.
Anthony R. Wood
Director, Academic Computing Services