University of California, San Diego

June 12, 1996
SUBJECT: 1995/96 Fiscal Year End Processing Instructions and Cutoff
Dates for IFIS Purchasing Activity
This message serves as a follow up to the recent issuance of PPM 300-60 and as a reminder to campus departments regarding deadline dates for LVPO and Requisition finalization in support of year end purchase order processing. As previous campus notices have stated, the fiscal closing process has undergone significant change this year. The major change in practice is that General Funds or other current unrestricted fund balances will not lapse at the departmental level. Generally all such budget balances will automatically be carried forward to the new fiscal year in the same department where they resided as of year end. Since General Fund balances will not lapse at year end, ALL OF THE PREVIOUS EXTRAORDINARY LIEN ACTIVITY ASSOCIATED WITH COVERING THOSE FUNDS IS UNNECESSARY AND SHOULD NOT BE DONE. However, the following dates and guidelines apply if valid business requirements dictate specific fiscal year posting of low and high value purchase orders:
June 10, 1996: Purchase Order Requisitions (Paper off-line) June 17, 1996: Purchase Order Requisitions (On-line)
June 21, 1996: Low Value Purchase Orders (Paper off-line) June 28, 1996: Low Value Purchase Orders (On-line)
July 12, 1996: High Value Purchase Order Entry
On-line users submitting requisitions which impact the current fiscal year must include text clearly stating that order must be liened in the current fiscal year. Please enter this notation as the first line of text on the REQCOMS screen of the IFIS purchase requisition to assure that the professional buyer promptly processes these documents into the current fiscal year. IFIS clause number 'key0026' which reads "ATTENTION: 95/96 
     EXPIRING FUNDS - PLEASE LIEN" has been established to make it easy for departments to communicate with the buyers.
On-line transactions must be completed and approved in IFIS no later than 6/28/96. All LVPO transactions that are entered into IFIS by this deadline will be liened in FY 95/96 and will be reflected on the preliminary ledger.
It is important that all on-line users take action to assure that LVPOs are completed and approved in the month that they were entered into IFIS. If final approval of LVPOs is not accomplished during the month that the LVPO was entered, the document will remain incomplete and not allow payment of invoices until the document is updated with the current date, completed and approved. This action is critical for those LVPO documents that, for whatever reason, must be liened in the current fiscal year.
In order to assure that all LVPOs are complete and approved, on-line users can access the IFIS 'UT UNAPPROVED' screen which lists all unapproved documents initiated by a user id by document type. Following are instructions:
'UT UNAPPROV'-- The key field to the 'UNAPPROV' screen is the User ID. Enter the User ID representing the individual who may have incomplete documents, and view a list of all documents that are unapproved.
It is imperative that this action be taken, at minimum, prior to the last working day of the fiscal year to assure that all LVPOs established by a user id are complete and approved, or canceled prior to June 28, 1996.
Changing transaction date: In the event a document is initiated prior to June 30, but is not to be completed and approved until on or after July 1, 1996 please make sure that the transaction date is changed to reflect a date after July 1, 1996. This action will assure that the transaction is logged into the proper accounting period.
In the event an on-line user discovers incomplete LVPO documents with an ORDER DATE in a previous month, the order date of the LVPO must be updated to a current date thus allowing the document to be completed and approved. The process requires that on-line users access the high value purchase order header screen.
1. Access the POHEADER screen in the purchasing module by navigating to the "NEXT SCREEN" field at the bottom of the IFIS screen: Type 'poheader' and press the ENTER key.
2. On the POHEADER screen, type the LVPO number in the PO NUMBER field at the top of the screen. Press the ENTER key.
3. After the LVPO has displayed, type action code 'C' (change)
4. Tab forward to the 'ORDER DATE' field and typeover the entry
with the desired date . Press the ENTER key.
5. Press the ENTER key to transmit (save) the new date.
From the POHEADER screen, on-line users also have the ability to complete and approve the LVPO using the following steps:
6. Type 'c' (change) in the action code field
7. Navigate to the COMPLETE and APPROVE boxes at the bottom of the POHEADER screen.
8. Enter 'Y' and 'Y' accordingly
9. Press the ENTER key to transmit (save) the document, with "ACTIONS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED, FINAL APPROVAL, POSTING    
          COMPLETED", document is completed and approved.
On-line users can use a similar procedure if they need to cancel the LVPO and the date of the PO is in a prior month. Follow steps 1 - 5 to change the LVPO date. Then navigate back to the LVPO screen to cancel the LVPO using the 'CANCEL' indicator box on the LVPO screen.
Should you have questions regarding IFIS Purchasing fiscal year end processing instructions, please contact the Purchasing office at X43084 or via email at PURCHASING_INFO@UCSD.EDU. These instructions will also be available on the Purchasing home page at URL http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/ and then navigate to the "Purchasing Services" selection.
Linda Collins
Purchasing Manager