University of California, San Diego

June 26, 1996
SUBJECT: The New UCSD Logo: Graphic Standards
I am pleased to announce the introduction and implementation of a new
logo for the University of California, San Diego. The logo was
developed under the auspices of the UCSD Marketing Council, along with
professional UCSD graphic artists who participated in its creation.
The final selection was endorsed by the Marketing Council and
Chancellor Designate Dynes, as well as a number of additional
I encourage you to use this new emblem to help convey a unified
graphic look for UCSD, to reinforce UCSD's identity to its many
constituencies, and to promote the outreach and marketing efforts of
UCSD through the use of the logo in the broadest possible application.
To view the new logo, please visit the World Wide Web site:
Preliminary guidelines and graphic standards for the logo's use and
application follow. Thank you for your support in implementing this
new logo.
Marjorie Caserio
The following graphic standards are designed to facilitate the
widespread use of the new UCSD logo and to establish practical
guidelines for its application. In January 1997, a comprehensive style
manual will be complete, with detailed usage guidelines.
The logo is available to all campus departments on disk (for either
Macintosh or PC) and camera-ready. To ensure the highest possible
reproduction quality, please use one of these formats. The logo also
will be available on the WWW site for downloading beginning in the
The new logo will be distributed on campus free of charge. To obtain a
version of the logo for your department, please contact the
Publications Office at 534-4754, or send e-mail to cjustis@ucsd.edu.
Logo Configuration
The logo consists of an icon and logotypes for UCSD, UC San Diego, and
the University of California, San Diego. It is recommended that the
icon and logotype be used together.
The logo may be used in three ways:
 Icon and logotype together - preferred
 Icon alone
 Logotype alone
The customized typeface should always be used; alternate typefaces
should not be substituted.
Additional logo configurations (such as horizontal) are in
Recommended colors are:
 Icon and type: 100% black or 100% PMS 286 (blue)
 Icon in 100% PMS 286 (blue); type in 100% black
If it is necessary to print the logo using other colors, a 100% value
is recommended, or the logo can be reversed out of the color field so
that it appears white.
The logo art is available in a variety of sizes, based on intended
applications. To maximize effectiveness, the minimum size recommended,
by height, for each version follows:
UCSD 1/2 inch
UC San Diego 5/8 inch
University of California, San Diego 1 inch
The "UCSD" version is designed for use in San Diego; the designations
"UC San Diego" and "University of California, San Diego" are designed
for regional, national, or international distribution, depending on
the purpose of the application and its audience.
UCSD publications will feature the new logo. Other appropriate
applications include identification cards, banners, flags,
merchandise, and vehicles. Applications on UCSD letterhead, business
cards, and Web sites are being reviewed.
The UCSD Seal and the New Logo
Although the new logo replaces the previous "UCSD" type logo, it is
not intended to replace the UCSD seal. The new logo and the UCSD seal
should not be used, however, on the same field or page.
For more information:
UCSD Publications Office
Phone: 534-4754
e-mail: cjustis@ucsd.edu
The logo was designed by Michele M. Humphrey of the UCSD Publications
Office. Trademark pending. The logo of the University of California,
San Diego is the exclusive property of the university. Its use by any
person, firm, or organization not affiliated with the university is
prohibited unless prior written approval is obtained. For information,
contact the University Communications Office, (619) 534-3120.