University of California, San Diego

Office of the Chancellor
June 28, 1996
As I leave the Office of the Chancellor after serving for nearly a
year as Interim Chancellor, I wish to express my deep appreciation to
the faculty, staff, and students at UCSD for all your support and
encouragement. These past months certainly have been eventful. It is
fair to say that the campus has received more recognition and
accolades than at any previous time, and its academic stature is
widely acclaimed. Yet we have had to face tough and controversial
issues, and have had to make some hard choices and difficult
I thank each of you for all the many ways in which you have
contributed to the success of this campus, including the help and
advice you have given through difficult times.
I concur with President Atkinson's statement that UCSD's success in
achieving and maintaining excellence is attributable to the talent,
professionalism, and loyalty of its people. I consider it a great
honor to have served this wonderful institution, however briefly, as
Interim Chancellor, and I join you in warmly welcoming Chancellor
Robert Dynes. May the campus enjoy continued success under his able
Thank you again.
Marjorie C. Caserio
Interim Chancellor