University of California, San Diego

Office of the Chancellor
July 1, 1996
All AT UCSD Dear UCSD Faculty, Staff, and Students:
Today I am honored to become the Chancellor of this great institution, the University of California, San Diego. I do so with gratitude to Marjorie Caserio for the steady hand and clear vision with which she guided the university as Chancellor during the past year and as Vice Chancellor over the past five years.
Your words of encouragement over the past several weeks have meant a great deal to me. With your continuing support, UCSD will achieve the leadership role for which, I believe, it is destined in the 21st century.
UCSD's excellence is a result of the extraordinary quality of its faculty, staff, and students. With this in mind, I ask your assistance with the following goals which affect the quality of life for our campus community --
- Ensure that the culture of the campus is broadly inclusive of students and responsive to their needs. We recruit the finest students in the country; they deserve our best efforts and consideration.
- Recruit the best faculty in the world. I believe that the strength of our faculty will continue to be the single most important determinant of UCSD's future.
- Value our staff's important contributions. Despite shrinking budgets and growing workloads, our staff demonstrates a generosity of spirit and commitment to UCSD which is unmatched in the system. I welcome their guidance on how we can make UCSD a more supportive as well as more effective workplace. - Enhance UCSD's "community spirit" -- that intangible sense that each of us is a valued member of the UCSD team and essential to its success. I hope that together we can find ways to capture the sense of family that UCSD had as a younger and smaller university community.
I truly believe that UCSD is the most dynamic university in the country today. It has a leading role to play in the future of our community, state and nation. I look forward to working with you to shape our future. Sincerely,
Robert C. Dynes