University of California, San Diego

July 3, 1996
SUBJECT: Search Committee for the Director of the Center for Astrophysics
and Space Sciences
After eight years of dedicated service, Professor Emeritus Laurence E.
Peterson has elected to step down from the directorship of the Center for
Astrophysics and Space Sciences. An internal recruitment for his
replacement has begun and I anticipate a new Director will be named by Fall
1996. Professor Peterson has agreed to serve until a replacement is on board.
The composition of the Search Committee for the Director of the Center for
Astrophysics and Space Sciences is as follows:
Kim Griest, Professor, Department of Physics
Kurt Marti, Professor, Department of Chemistry and
Biochemistry, Chair
Harding Smith, Professor, Department of Physics
James Matteson, Research Physicist, CASS
The committee is interested in receiving nominations at the full-professor
level with outstanding scholarly credentials. A position description is
provided for your information. Please inform us of individuals who should
be considered. All materials received will be treated "In Strict
Confidence". Send names or comments by September 13, 1996 to:
Professor Kurt Marti, Chair
Search Committee for CASS Director
c/o Office of Graduate Studies and Research
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0003
Thank you for your assistance in this important undertaking.
David D. Sworder
Acting Vice Chancellor for Research
Position Description - Director of the Center for Astrophysics and Space
The Director is the academic-administrative leader of the Center for
Astrophysics and Space Sciences (CASS) and is responsible for providing
leadership and direction for the Center's scientific activities and for
overseeing the administrative and managerial activities of the Center. In
consultation with the Executive and Policy Committee of CASS, the Director
develops long-range plans for the Center, promotes high academic standards
in research, scholarship and creative endeavors, and provides supervision of
the technical and administrative staff.
Prominent, therefore, in the consideration of the qualifications of the
Director are the following criteria:
o Outstanding scholarly credentials with broadly recognized
international stature and a strong commitment to academic excellence.
o Capability to stimulate new directions, promote existing resources to
best advantage, gain external support, and build and support
inter-disciplinary interests.
o Ability to engage the Center openly and cooperatively, to encourage
expression of diverse interests, coordinate the needs of students,
researchers, and faculty, and support the campus commitment to achieve
diversity in its faculty, staff, and students.
o Ability to oversee and manage the on-going affairs of the Center
including the Business Office and its functions, and to interact with the
various campus administrative units as required.
The Director receives a reduction in his or her normal teaching load
provided by his or her department, some discretionary funds to support
Center-sponsored seminars, distinguished visitors, graduate students, and
doctoral researchers, and an annual administrative stipend of $6,000.