University of California, San Diego

July 8, 1996
SUBJECT: Establishment of Women's Center
It is my distinct pleasure to announce formal establishment of the Women's Center at UCSD and to welcome Nancy L. Loevinger as the Center's first director.
Ms. Loevinger comes to UCSD from the University of Virginia, where, as program coordinator for the UVA Women's Center, she conceived and implemented programs addressing the concerns of many diverse constituencies. She was also responsible for programs under the auspices of the UVA Hillel Jewish Center and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy that drew together the public and the university community to address complex substantive social and political issues. Nancy Loevinger's background includes academic work leading to candidacy for a doctorate in English literature, with concentration in African-American and American ethnic and women's literature. Her experience and interests range across multicultural programming, diversity theory, feminist theory, mediation and conflict resolution, and support services for victims of sexual and domestic violence as well as pedagogy. The Women's Center at UCSD comes into being under the joint initiative and sponsorship of the offices of the Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs; the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs; and the Vice Chancellor-Business Affairs. The Center will provide education and support on gender issues affecting UCSD students, faculty, staff, and the community. Among its aims are to advance women's intellectual, professional, and personal goals and to increase awareness of the needs of women and men of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Its staff will offer information and referrals, educational and cultural programs, and a calendar of events for both women and men at UCSD and in the community, as well as coordinate programs with such other university groups as the Cross Cultural Center, the Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention and Policy, Student Safety Awareness, Women's Peer Counseling, and Women's Studies.
After completion of building renovation by the beginning of Fall Quarter, the Women's Center will be housed in 407 UCtr. Director Loevinger has arrived on campus and is located temporarily in room 24 at 412 UCtr (Eleanor Roosevelt College administration building). She can be reached at 822-0074 or via e-mail at nloevinger@ucsd.edu and has expressed eagerness to receive ideas and concerns from the various constituencies that the Center will be serving.
Richard Attiyeh
Interim Senior Vice Chancellor- Academic Affairs